What is it?

The Inclusive Email QC tag captures the minimum set of emails you need to review to ensure you’ve seen 100% of the unique content in the set. By identifying only inclusive emails and skipping duplicates, we’re minimizing the review set by about 25% on average across all matters. Results may vary depending on your specific data set.

ℹ️ A non-thread email with no replies or forwards is, by definition, inclusive.

How does it work?

Just select "Inclusive Email" from the QC Tags section of the filter carousel. Logikcull will filter your search results to show only the most content inclusive emails in the project.


How can I be confident I’m not missing important content?

This QC tag captures and highlights all content inclusive of the full indexable text and metadata available in your document set, removing only exact duplicates. It ensures that even the smallest changes in email body content or attachments will be included in the inclusive set.

Is this available on all of my matters?

The QC tag will be available to all emails processed after September 7, 2021. We will honor backfill requests to apply this QC tag for older uploads on a case-by-case basis. Email sales@logikcull.com or contact the support team for more information.

In what circumstances will the Inclusive Email QC tag not be applied?

The QC tag will only be applied to emails with valid email thread or conversation ID information. Emails uploaded via production/database uploads will also be excluded.

Troubleshooting: No "Inclusive Email" QC Tagged documents

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