Deleting Uploads

Deletion permanently removes documents and related work product.

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Only Project Admins, Account Admins, or Account Owners are able to delete uploads.

Warnings before deleting

Before deleting an upload, make sure you're aware of the following:

⚠️ Upload deletions are permanent.

All documents, metadata, and work product associated with the deleted upload will be permanently removed. This change cannot be reversed. You would have to re-upload this data and re-apply any work product as necessary.

⚠️ The project will be re-indexed to update deduplication hash values.

Duplicates in other uploads that had "duped out" out against original documents in this set will be promoted to originals when the deletion is complete. Storage size and duplicate counts for other uploads may change. This is not uncommon.

⚠️ Upload deletion may take a long time to complete.

This can be the case even if the upload being deleted is relatively small compared to the rest of the project. This is due to the re-indexing that takes place to update deduplication hash values for the remaining documents.

How to delete an upload

  1. From the Uploads tab, find the upload you'd like to delete.

  2. Click on the vertical dots and select "Delete Upload."

  3. Confirm your selection in the resulting modal.

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