ℹ️ Before you sign up for an account, make sure you haven't been invited as a user in an existing Logikcull account. If you were invited into a project by an administrator, you'll need to follow the email invitation prompts to access that project.

Viewing shared productions

If you received an invitation to view a download or production that was shared with your email address, you'll need an account to securely access those documents. An email would have been sent with a link to create an account. If you're unable to see the email or the link doesn't take you to a page to set up an account, you can create one by visiting https://app.logikcull.com/signup

Creating a Logikcull account to upload your own data

Even if you weren't invited to view a download, you can still create your own Logikcull account using the same link: https://app.logikcull.com/signup

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