Who can add/edit/delete Legal Hold templates?

Only Account Owners and Account Admins can create, edit, and delete Legal Hold templates.

You can add, edit, and delete Legal Hold templates by navigating to My Accounts > Preferences > Legal Hold Templates section. The Legal Holds Templates section will be at the bottom of the Preferences tab page.

Add a new template

Click "Create a new Legal Hold template."

Step 1: Name your template

Step 2: Create Message

Message Details

  • "Start from a template": allows you to select an existing template.

  • Sender's Name: you can update the name that displays as the email sender. The default is the name of the user creating the hold. Note that only the display name will update, emails are sent from “notifications@logikcull.com.”

  • Reply to Email: allows you to designate the recipient of a reply if a custodian replies to the legal hold email. The default is the email address of the user creating the hold.

  • CC Recipients: CC recipients will receive a copy of the hold message but will not be added as custodians.

Message Body

  • Hold message: the initial email sent to custodians and any recipients included as CC Recipients.

  • Reminder message: optional text that will precede the legal hold email if you select to "Resend" the legal hold in Step 4.

  • Release message: the email that custodians will receive when you release your legal hold.

Step 3: Reminder settings

  • Non-acceptance: sent to custodians that have not acknowledged their legal hold email (they haven't clicked on the button at the bottom of the email).

  • Resend email: the legal hold email is resent to all custodians at the specified frequency. The "Reminder message" is what precedes these emails.

Edit or delete a template

  • Edit: locate the template you want to edit and click on the menu on the right. Select "Edit template" to load the template. All options available during template creation (see above) can be edited.

  • Delete: locate the template you want to edit and click on the menu on the right. Click "Delete template" and confirm deletion. Deletion is permanent but any Legal Holds sent using the template will not be affected.

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