If you have a lot of uploads, you can make use of Folders to keep them organized. 

Creating a new upload folder

  1. Click +Create a new...

  2. Click Folder

  3. Give your folder a name and save it

Moving uploads into a folder

Click on the dropdown/more-options arrow for the upload you'd like to move.
Then click "Move" and select which folder the upload should go into and click the Move button.

The upload will automatically move into the folder you selected. You can easily move them out of the folder later if this was a mistake.

Searching and reviewing folder contents

Easily search and review the documents contained in each upload folder by clicking "Search" under each folder, respectively.

Deleting folders

You can delete a folder by clicking on the trash-can icon of the folder. Deleting folders does NOT delete the uploads in the folder. If you delete a folder that contains uploads, the uploads within the deleted folder will move to the top-level uploads tab.

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