Tag Management

Pro Users and above can add, rename, move, delete, and place tags into folders to customize your project workspace.

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Where to access Tag Settings in your Project

Access your Tags by going to Project Settings (gear icon top right when in the project) > Tags option:

Walk-Through Video

Adding Tags

To add new tags, click Create a New... at the top of the Tags page:

A pop up will appear and you can create the tag:

You can also create a tag from the document viewer:

  1. Click the Tags button from the side panel, then "Add tags +"

  2. Type the tag name and give it a custom color

  3. Click "Add" and the newly created tag will be instantly visible and searchable!

Renaming Tags

Click the 3 vertical dots and then 'Edit' to rename that tag.

⚠️ Important note: Searches referencing the previous tag name may need to be updated

Rearranging Tag Order

From the Tags tab in Project Settings, click on Customize Tag Order and drag the tags in the order you would like:

The order of your tags here will reflect in the Document Viewer and Search Carousel as well. 

Tag Folders

To create a tag folder, navigate to the top right of Tags tab page and click Create a New... > Create a folder:

You can then use the Move button to quickly organize tags into your created folder.

You can:

  • Streamline your review process by keeping tags organized

  • Sequester old or rarely-used tags from those you use more often

  • Keep your team on track by creating a tag folder for each level of your review

  • Group your tags into logical sets (e.g., privilege reasons or issue codes)

Delete a Tag or Tag Folder

⚠️ Warning: Make sure you un-tag documents prior to deleting a tag. If you delete a tag that is applied to documents, the tag disappears but is not actually removed, which can skew any search for documents without tags (tags:none)

From the Tag tab of your Project Settings page, locate your tag or folder from the list, and choose the 3 vertical dots > "Delete" from the the drop down:

Any tags inside of a tag folder you delete will be moved back to the main tag list.

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