Exporting your documents in Logikcull is easy to do, but there are certain things you may want to consider before you create your production. Here's a quality control checklist you can use as a guide for making document productions:

Finalize production criteria

Create a saved search based on your finalized production criteria (accounting for all inclusion and exclusion criteria), then generate and apply a final production tag to your saved search to mark it as your production set.

Resolve conflicting tags (e.g. Responsive and Non‐Responsive)

Utilize the tag filter in Logikcull to identify and resolve documents with conflicting selections.

Never produce Privileged documents

Using your production tag, take advantage of the advanced search builder to isolate and exclude privileged documents.

Sample search syntax:

tags:"responsive" AND tags:"privilege" AND tags:"Current Production"

Avoid creating multiple production numbers for one document

With the advanced search builder, you can use the Download Doc ID or search for exported:true to search for previously produced items. You can also check the Download filters carousel for any matches.

Sample search syntax:

exports.download_doc_id:'PREVIOUSPRODPREFIX' AND tags:"Current Production"

exported:true AND tags:"Current Production"

Verify whether you need to burn-in redactions

If so, make sure to select “Yes, include redactions on images” under “More options and image defaults” during download creation.

Verify whether you need to keep full families intact

If so, when tagging your production set with a final production tag make sure that you chose “select all” in your results pane and then select “include families”.

Utilize category filters to check if produced documents fall within your tagging criteria

Use the Download filter to filter on your production and check the Tag filter if any documents fall within your production exclusion.

Check for coding inconsistencies between original and duplicate documents

Utilize the has duplicate QC tag filter or MD5 hash field in a search in order to isolate these documents for QC review.

Large page counts (> 1k pages). You can always produce specific file extensions in a native‐only format

Utilize the Page Count filter to isolate high page count documents, and exclude specific file extensions from your image export if necessary.

Verify your deduplication view

If you processed documents using a particular deduplication view, make sure that you’re using the same dedupe view when isolating documents for production. 

Ensure that downloaded files contain expected settings

We recommend looking over the contents of a download within Logikcull before providing them to a 3rd party.

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