Adding a new user in Logikcull is easy. If you're a project admin or above, you can accomplish this by following the steps below:

  1. When in the project, click the Settings button in the top-right corner

  2. Click on the Users Tab

  3. Select + New User

  4. Enter the email address of the new user and select the user's permissions, then click "Create"

An Account Admin or Account Owner can add users to one or more projects simultaneously. Simply click on "My Accounts" (from the left-side menu panel) then click the "Users" button.

Please note the following when adding or editing the user at the account level:

User Type

Project Name

Access Level by project

The newly added user will get an email from Logikcull asking them to register their account and log into your project. You can add also add a custom message in your invite email.

Here is a simple table of the abilities of each user:

*Account Admins and Account Owners can create and approve requests for Project Creators. Project Creators become Project Admins in any project they create. They'll retain their original permission level in all other projects they've been given access to.

As indicated above, the types of users you can add are:


  • Typically used for contract attorneys, expert witnesses, and sharing documents with clients.

  • Sees only documents assigned to the reviewer.

  • Can apply tags, fill in custom fields, add notes and comments, and add redactions, but cannot create new tags or custom fields. 

  • Cannot upload or bulk download.

  • Does not see other users in a project. 

  • Cannot tag duplicates from the document info panel.

Basic User

  • Typically individuals who need access to all documents, but will not be loading data or creating productions.

  • Sees all documents and users in a project.

  • Can apply work product.

  • Cannot upload or bulk download. 

  • Cannot tag duplicates from the document info panel.

  • Sees all user types.

Pro User

  • Can manage tags, custom fields, highlights, and redaction labels.

  • Cannot add users, upload data, or create downloads.

  • Sees all user types and all downloads created.

  • Can download CSV search reports

  • Can download search results to PDF

Project Admin

  • Typically paralegals or technically adept attorneys who will be loading data and/or creating productions.

  • Sees all documents in a project.

  • Sees all user types.

  • Can upload, bulk download, delete downloads, and add new users to the project.

  • Can apply work product as well as create new tags, fields, persistent highlights, and redaction labels. 

Account Admin

  • Can see all projects and all documents contained in the account.

  • Can upload, bulk download, delete downloads, and add new users (even additional account admins) for any project in the account.

  • Can apply work product and create new tags, fields, persistent highlights, and redaction labels.

  • Sees all user types.

  • Account Admins are the only users that can create or delete projects. 


Basic User

Pro User

Project Admin

Account Admin

Account Owner

See all docs

See all users

Add new users

Apply work product to docs

Manage work product


Bulk download

Create projects

Delete projects

View project saved searches

Create CSV download

View projects

View project users

View Usage tab

Manage billing

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