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April 2023

Updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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I can’t believe it’s already May. If, like me, the last month really got away from you, you have no time to waste. So we’re going to get right into Logikcull’s latest product developments.

Persistent Highlights Improvements

Quick shoutout to Francis J. Honn, inventor of the highlighter. Like most great scientific innovations, the highlighter was a mistake: Honn was actually trying to invent a non-permanent marker for kids. Instead, the highlighter was born, and textbooks the world over were never the same.

Okay, seriously, who took this picture over my shoulder in law school?

Highlighting is very helpful in eDiscovery. Unless you highlight like Alexis Rose up there, it helps bring your attention to vital information so you and your collaborators can find it again more easily.

Thankfully, technology has evolved to include virtual highlighters so you don’t have to worry about getting ink all over your fingers. Here at Logikcull, we even have a handy feature called persistent highlights, which allows you to enter keyword terms and have them highlighted in the document viewer without the need to run a search.

It’s pretty darn neat. But there was a hitch: Underscores and ampersands weren’t allowed in persistent highlights. If you tried to save a persistent highlight with those characters in them, you’d get an error message. If you think that through in the eDiscovery context, you’ll quickly realize there are a couple of common instances where underscores and ampersands show up: Email addresses and law firm names.

So we fixed that. You can now persistently highlight underscores and ampersands to your heart’s content.

Report Improvements

If you read our release notes regularly, you know we love to improve our reports. We talk about reports so much you’d think we just started dating them. I actually think we talk about reports more than I talk about Colin Hanks, which is saying something. If you don't believe me, check out the last 8 release notes – There are references to him in all of them (some more subtle than others).

In any case, we’ve got three new report improvements for you:

  • Deleted projects were showing as “Active” in the status column on Projects Reports, which was obviously no good. They now show as “Deleted.” Fancy that.

  • You can now see the original size of your uploads in the Uploads and Downloads Report.

  • Speaking of Uploads and Downloads Reports, the date and time are now displayed in separate columns, so you can get nice and granular with them.

New "Create Project" Modal Window

Besides reports, our other favorite thing to do is give makeovers to our modal windows. It’s not that we didn’t think they were beautiful before, but sometimes a new look is just what you need to get your groove back.

So this month we sat the Create Project modal down in the salon chair and gave it the full Jonathan Van Ness.

Now, the modal is sleek, clean, and more in line with our design and UX standards:

JVN would be proud.

Other Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Bugfix - Prevent Query String Issues with double wildcards: As some of you may know, we recently had a site-wide outage. This is very rare so it was alarming, but thankfully, our team jumped into action and fixed it quickly. The cause was this tricky issue with double wildcards, so they went ahead and fixed that too.

  • Bugfix- Redaction Label Improvements: When redacting a chunk to the bottom of the page, labels were unable to be applied. Since important information doesn’t only live at the top of pages, we figured we’d take care of that.

  • Bugfix- ROI Report Allowed a Start Date After an End Date: This was nonsensical, and we like things that make sense.

  • Bugfix- Clio Integration Not Creating Matters in Clio: Speaking of Seussian-level nonsense, new projects weren’t creating matters in Clio even when the “Also create matter in Clio” option was selected. Now they will.

  • Slack Cloud Upload Performance Improvements: We increased the page sizes for Slack discovery calls from 500 to 1000.

  • Legal Hold "Bulk Add" Formatting Issue: Line breaks in the bulk add text input field were getting mangled, which was no good, but that formatting is now fixed.

  • Accessibility Improvements Throughout App: We’re always trying to make sure our app is as accessible as possible, so we’ve made some more improvements, including updating some language and adding descriptive titles to links.

  • Download name confirmation tooltip added: Once you’ve named a download, you can’t change it later. But we didn’t tell you that before. Now we do. You’ll get a little warning during download step four when you name your download, just so you don’t forget.

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