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Active Directory Integration
Active Directory Integration
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Adding custodians is now easier, faster, and less error-prone.

Leverage Logikcull’s Active Directory integration to easily import and manage your employee and personnel information within your organization directly from the source for Legal Holds.

Updated Custodian Data, Instantly

  • Eliminate the monotonous task of manually creating or updating custodian profiles (e.g., job title, employee, name, location, etc.)

  • Access live, up-to-date custodian information from the source of truth

ℹ️ Logikcull currently works with the Microsoft Active Directory (i.e., Azure AD) Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Integration.

On-Prem and non-Azure version of Active Directory are not currently supported.

Who Can Use The Integration?

If a user on the account sets up the Active Directory integration with User-Credentials Authentication, only that user will see the Active-Directory sourced custodians populate in the Legal Hold screen.

If a user on the account sets up the Active Directory integration with App-Credentials Authentication, all users in the Account will see the Active-Directory sourced custodians populate in the Legal Hold screen.

Setting Up the Active Directory Integration

⚠️ The User connecting to the Active Directory integration will need to be managed within the Active Directory instance.

There are 2 available authentication methods available:

  • User-Credentials Based (authenticates for individual user)

  • App-Credentials Based (authenticates for all Account users)

Connect with User-Credentials Authentication

  1. Navigate to the My Profile page > Integrations > click Connect to MS365 Preserve.

    💡 You will only need to be connected to either the MS365 or MS365 Preserve integration in order to connect to Active Directory. If you are already connected to Ms365 previously, Logikcull will connect to Active Directory automatically.

  2. A Log-in modal will appear. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 credentials connected to your Azure Active Directory instance.

  3. Click Allow to grant Logikcull with the required permissions

  4. If the integration was successful, you will see "Integration Connected".

Connect with App-Credentials Authentication


  • User must have access to the Azure Portal and ability to grant Admin Consent for API Permissions (i.e., ability to create App registrations)

  • User must have Account Owner role in Logikcull to configure App-Based connection

Click here for step-by-step written instructions on connecting to the Active Directory Integration with App-Credentials.

Once your account is connected to the Active Directory integration you will be have access to the following functionality:

Adding Account Custodians

Account Admins and Owners can directly import Microsoft users as custodians, as seen below. These custodians can then be used during the upload process. For more information on Account Custodians, see here.

Adding Legal Hold Custodians

Follow the steps here to Create a new Legal Hold. On Step 4: Add Custodians in the Legal Hold creation flow, click the mouse into the search bar and/or start typing in the name or email address of a custodian.

Available selections from Active Directory will populate in the drop-down.

Click Add next to the name of the Selected Custodian(s). The Custodian should appear in the right pane with header Selected Custodians.

You may also use checkboxes next to Custodian names to select multiple Custodian(s) at once. Click Add once completed. The Custodian(s) should appear in the right pane under header Selected Custodians.

Once you are done selecting Custodians, proceed by clicking Next: Review and Send to complete your Legal Hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an Upload-Only User role with an external domain invited into my Project to upload data? Will they be able to pull the custodian data?

No, Users outside your organization's domain will be unable to pull custodian data from Active Directory. Users must be included and managed within the Active Directory instance used for the integration.

Will the Active Directory integration conflict with my existing custodians?

Active Directory information will overwrite any existing Custodian Data, using the email address as the index key.

For example, if you already have “Joe Cull” ( as a custodian in Logikcull, but listed as “Joseph” in HRIS, Logikcull will update the first name to “Joseph” in the Custodian list.

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