December 2022

Updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes

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Happy New Year, everyone!

We don’t like to live in the past, but we’re still not done talking about all the amazing things we did last year. Here are the features we managed to get out before the end of 2022:

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is everywhere, and it’s a real pain in the neck for discovery. If you accidentally include data like bank account numbers, mailing addresses, or names in a production when you aren’t supposed to, you can face serious consequences. And once you’ve let sensitive information slip, it’s hard (if not impossible) to unring that bell.

If you’re in charge of document review for a case, chances are you have better things to do with your time than combing through documents page by page, looking for PII, and redacting it. Drafting that brief you’ve been putting off, making a phone call to cranky opposing counsel, or getting a root canal with no anesthesia while “Baby Shark” plays on repeat all sound like more appealing activities than manual PII identification.

If you know the specific PII contained in your data set, you can search for it in Logikcull, find all documents that contain it, and redact it with a click. But what if there’s PII you’re not aware of lurking somewhere in the sea of documents you have to review?

That’s where PII detection comes in! Logikcull now automatically applies a “PII Detected” QC tag to any documents in which PII is detected with a 75% or greater confidence level. You can then hone in on those documents so you can review the potential PII and redact it where appropriate.

And for subscription customers, the fun doesn’t stop there!

Logikcull can not only detect that PII exists, it can also detect what type of PII it is– phone number, address, name, etc.– and you can filter by PII type to find exactly what you’re looking for.

And the cherry on top of this sundae? You can also bulk redact PII with Logikcull. So schedule that root canal, you’re out of excuses! And maybe stop eating so many sundaes, that’s probably part of your dental problem (J/k, eat as many sundaes as you want, I’m not your mom).

For more information on this feature, read our full support article here.

Slack Attachments

Oh, Slack. How we love... No, hate... No, love... How we use you so. Every day. All the time. I mean, really, when it comes to your platform, we’re not slacking off. I know, that was low-hanging fruit, but cut me some sla-

We often discuss the enormity of Slack data: Slack has millions of daily users and virtually no limits on channel or message storage. Plus, it gives users the ability to add reactions, emojis, gifs, and attachments, and integrate hundreds of third-party apps. People send all kinds of attachments in Slack, from documents to videos, and they can include important pieces of evidence. All this to say, the volume of Slack data can quickly become overwhelming.

Logikcull’s Slack integration is very handy when ingesting all that data, and now it’s even handier! If you’re using our Slack Discovery API, the integration now supports the inclusion of attachments embedded in Slack threads. All you have to do is make sure the “Attachments” box is checked when pulling data from your Slack account.

Upload Only Preserve

A couple of months ago we made a splash by becoming the only discovery platform to offer upload-only user roles. Users assigned as upload-only can, well… only upload. That is, they can upload documents and assign custodians, but they can’t access any other information in a project, create downloads, or do anything else you may not want them to.

Speaking of things you don’t want, you may not want all those documents from upload-only users to get processed right away. In fact, you may want to just leave them unprocessed until you’re darn well good and ready. And while we’re at it, maybe you don’t want the upload-only user to assign custodians either! You’d rather do it yourself, and add some notes while you’re at it.

I personally think it would be a little funny to give you all that buildup only to tell you we have no solution for it, but our engineering team would never let that happen. They’re building solutions to problems I don’t know exist, which makes it tough to get ahead of them on that kind of thing.

So yes, as you’ve probably guessed, subscription customers can now preserve documents uploaded by upload-only users without processing them. For how long and how much money, you ask? How do “indefinitely” and “for free” suit you? This lets project admins hold the data in a paused state until they’re ready to process it, at which point they can assign the correct custodian, add notes, and attend to other details. Allowing you to process your data at your pace can help you more effectively manage all the information you get from upload-only users.

You can enable upload-only preserve by selecting “Auto-process: OFF” when you add an upload-only user:

As a note: Existing upload-only users will have Auto-process set to “ON” by default, so they may need to have their roles edited if you’d like to preserve their data instead.

Let it Snow

I have shocking news for you: We here at Logikcull like to have some fun. I’ll pause here to allow you to recover from that surprise.

As the holidays approached, our engineers couldn’t get “Let it Snow” out of their heads, so they decided to make Logikcull a little more festive by adding a shortcut to make it snow in the app. If you hit * (Shift+8), you’ll start a lovely snow shower. As of this writing the feature is still live, but here’s a gif in case it gets taken down one of these days:

I know your next question is going to be, “Did anyone write a Logikcull-themed parody of ‘Let it Snow’ to go along with this feature?” Why yes, of course they did. Senior Software Engineer Jason Noble, mastermind of this feature, took it upon himself to compose the following lyrics. Please enjoy.

Oh the number of files is frightful,

But the cull is so delightful.

And if the doc count is low,

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

The documents have had a topping,

And I've got some files for popping.

The redactions will quickly grow.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

As we easily cull the bytes,

How our legal team begins to swarm.

If the deadline is getting tight,

Logikcull helps us perform!

The objections are slowly dying.

The opposition, they're really trying.

The case was over long ago.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

New Save Search Experience

Our old Save Search feature was not the picture of powerful simplicity we would have liked it to be. So we fixed it! It now comes with a shiny new popup window that clearly illustrates what needs to be done to save and/or lock a search, plus how to include families.

You can also save a search quickly and easily by simply hitting “s” on your keyboard while you’re in the search you want to save. To quote Senior UX Developer Pete Lambert, “Bish, bash, and indeed bosh.” Which is the most British thing I’ve seen since the Bake Off contestants lost their collective minds when tasked with making non-savory pies (please find this episode and watch it, it’s adorable).

Download Foldering Improvements

We’ve made improvements to the way downloads happen in Logikcull. Previously, when downloading images or native files by original name, each document would be put in an individual folder named by Bates number. This was originally programmed by Senior Software Engineer Matt Jones to avoid the collision of documents with the same name. But when he heard it made the customer experience less than ideal, Matt looked at that feature and said, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it.”

A casual photo of Matt at work.

We’ve now done away with the individual folders, and same-named documents are differentiated by parenthetical numbers instead: For example, "No Subject.msg" and "No Subject (1).msg.” Check it out:

Search Results Load Improvements

We noticed that search results were taking a little longer than we’d like to load, so we made it faster- 52% faster to be exact. Simple as that. Bish, bash, bosh. (Pete, am I using that right?)

UX Improvements for “Create Downloads” Form

Our form to create downloads needed some love. Bugs had crept in and were causing some usability issues. More improvements will be coming down the line, but we’re happy to announce that bugs have been bashed, making the form much easier to use.

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