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Process your uploads immediately or preserve data for the future. Add Upload-Only users and set default processing rules.

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This feature is available for Subscription customers.

Logikcull Preserve for Project Admins and above

Logikcull Preserve allows for uploaded data to be preserved for future processing instead of immediately being processed. By opting to preserve the upload data, the upload is queued until you're ready for it to be processed.

Project Administrators, Account Administrators, and Account Owners who are uploading data have the ability to select the desired processing option from a checkbox within the upload modal. If the checkbox for "Schedule this upload to process immediately" is de-selected (empty state), the upload data will be preserved for later processing.

Once processing is ready to be initiated, select "Start Processing" on the upload card.

Preserving upload data prior to processing allows for the data to be kept until it is ready to be processed. This ensures that the data will remain secure, organized, and available to be processed when you're ready to proceed with search and review.

Upload-Only User Role

  • A user role that provides the ability to upload into a project, but no other capabilities.

  • Upload Only users can only upload File Uploads and/or Cloud Uploads.

  • When creating a new user for a project, select the “Upload Only” option under “Project Access”.

  • It is highly recommended to customize the “Welcome Message” as these users may have little/no eDiscovery expertise.

  • The Upload Only user role is available on all PAYG and subscription accounts.

Walk-Through Video

Auto-Process Setting for Upload-Only Users

When creating or editing a user in your Logikcull project, you have the ability to select whether the data that user uploads should be processed immediately, or be uploaded for later processing. The toggle appears next to the user on the project user invitation table:

Auto-process: ON = ability to preserve or process

If you toggle "Auto-Process" to ON for an Upload-Only user, the Upload-Only user will see the option to "Schedule this upload to process immediately." This is the best option if you want to empower the Upload-Only user to process data without an Admin's intervention.

Auto-process: OFF = preserve only

If you toggle "Auto-Process" to OFF, the data will not be immediately processed. Instead, it will be uploaded to the project and the upload card will available to view, but the documents will not be viewable or searchable. When you are ready to process that user’s preserved upload data, you (or any user in the project with Project Admin access or higher) must manually begin processing by selecting "Start Processing" on the upload card.


  • How do I handle custodians with Logikcull Preserve?

    • Upload-Only Users can see the list of custodians associated with the project, but cannot create new Custodians. A Project Administrator or greater must create the Custodian first. ➡️ How do I create a new custodian?

  • What types of uploads can I preserve?

    • All uploads that go through Logikcull's processing engine can either be preserved or sent to processing immediately:

      • File uploads (drag-n-drop)

      • Slack uploads

      • Google Vault uploads

      • Microsoft 365 uploads

      • Box uploads

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