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Logikcull Accessibility Statement
Logikcull Accessibility Statement

Logikcull is committed to making its application accessible for individuals with disabilities.

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Our Commitment

Logikcull’s mission statement is to “make discovery tools available to all”. In line with this mission, Logikcull is committed to making its application ( accessible for individuals with disabilities.

To this end, Logikcull has implemented an accessibility program designed to embed accessibility into its design and development processes.

Compliance Status

Logikcull has worked with Okinaka Accessibility, LLC to obtain a baseline understanding of what areas we need to work on in order to obtain WCAG 2.0 AA conformance. The Trusted Tester methodology was used on targeted workflows within the product.

Logikcull is currently working to improve the experience for users who utilize screen readers and other assistive technologies. We are committed to continuing to explore and work to enhance the experience in areas identified for other groups of users to improve the experience for everyone.

Logikcull maintains an Accessibility Conformance Report with respect for the WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 standards along with an accessibility roadmap that can be made available to you by contacting the Logikcull support team (see Providing Feedback below).

Product Usage Information for Users with Disabilities

Logikcull has a built-in option for both a light mode and dark mode that was designed to improve the experience for a variety of user groups. Logikcull strives to use industry standard keyboard shortcuts, and is working toward a responsive design.

Providing Feedback

For this or any other technical support purpose, or to report concerns with respect to accessibility please contact the Logikcull support team at or 844.363.3347.

Last updated 1/20/2022

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