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Logikcull's Summer 2019 Release
Logikcull's Summer 2019 Release
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Speed matters. When it comes to discovery and investigations, teams that can get into their data quickly find themselves at a distinct advantage, able to eliminate downtime and jump into projects as they become urgent—to “strike while the iron is hot.”

Simplicity matters, too. Nothing can slow down a matter quicker than a complex interface or technology that requires a whole team to get up and running.

That’s why we’ve been relentlessly focused in recent months on infrastructural and platform improvements that double down on our core product mission: to deliver speed and ease. The product improvements you’ll notice in our Summer Release maximize the advantages of cloud-native design and pass on its benefits—speed and powerful simplicity—to you the customer. The results: faster time to review and produce, rapid document rendering, and an overall reduction in complexity.

In this summer announcement, the first in a new quarterly cycle, we highlight the features and upgrades released over the summer season to bring you a more powerfully simple experience.

What's New to Logikcull This Summer

Elasticsearch Upgrade Delivers Faster Processing and Uploads

Logikcull has updated its Elasticsearch engine to improve performance across your Logikcull experience, particularly by speeding document processing and upload times, allowing you to get into your data faster. Elasticsearch provides the distributed, multitenant, cloud-based full-text search engine underpinning Logikcull’s review platform. This upgrade not only accelerates uploads, processing, indexing, and search, but also strengthens our best-in-class security protocols.

Data Transfer Acceleration Reduces Upload Times by up to 20%

Users will notice significantly faster upload times. Through Logikcull’s integration with Amazon Web Service’s S3 Transfer Acceleration technology, when you drag and drop your data into Logikcull, the time it takes for files to pass from your device to the cloud will decrease by up to 20% for intercontinental transfers and 10% for most North American users.

A/V Support Lets You Securely View, Code, and Share Media In-App

Audio and video files are becoming increasingly important to discovery. But to include them in a document review, users had to download and review them externally. Now, Logikcull lets you playback audio and video files in-app and share them securely with your team, without having to take them out of Logikcull’s secure, encrypted environment. Users can now watch or listen to files including MP3, WAV, WEBM, and more than a dozen others.

Bulk Actions Streamline Multi-Reviewer Document Search

Document indexing improvements now make it easier to perform bulk actions by reducing potential tagging conflicts during simultaneous review. Now, up to 10 users can tag a document set simultaneously, easing the administration of large reviews and minimizing coding overlap.

Ingestion, Processing, and Review Support Expanded for Forensic and Outlook Files

Our goal is to provide you a single platform to quickly and effortlessly access and review your data. To that end, we’ve expanded our support for Encase and other evidence files (LEF), as well as offline Outlook folder (OST) files. While Logikcull has always supported LEFs, which typically include forensic files common to investigations, you can now more easily upload, organize, and review data spread across multiple files. Similarly, we’ve upgraded Logikcull’s ability to ingest, unpack, index, and organize OST files, essential to discovery across Microsoft workspaces.

Database Upload Improvements Eliminate Load File Guesswork

Logikcull has reworked its database upload experience to make importing productions and third-party databases smoother and more intuitive. Logikcull’s new predictive smart fields automatically suggest the best match for your load file fields, eliminating guesswork. An updated, redesigned mapping interface makes it easier to associate load file fields with Logikcull’s built-in fields. Custom field selections are now mappable and all field selections can be made in bulk, reducing the number of manual steps to import third-party databases by up to 10%.  

Faster JSON Processing Speeds Review of Sensitive Slack Conversations

If you’re not looking at Slack data, you’re missing half the conversation. Slack’s workplace chat platform has become an essential mode of communication for businesses of all sizes. But you shouldn’t have to wait for hours to get into your most revealing data sources. Now, you don’t have to. With improvements to our JSON data processing, the file format of Slack messages, Logikcull now ingests and organizes Slack data 25% faster, speeding review of data that is increasingly essential to fast-moving investigations—but notoriously hard to access.

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Appendix: Summer Release 2019 Supported Audio and Video Files

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