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April 2022

Monthly updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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“Only” Operator for Email Fields

On its face, this looks like any old omelet. And if the layperson in you is thinking “it’s just an ‘only’ operator,” you’re probably in good company. But then, nothing this powerfully simple is actually simple, and when you start reading the recipe -- fold in a sprig of query parsing here, sprinkle a dash of capsule updates there, julienne fresh mapping changes just so -- you start to realize that, like anything else that comes off so effortlessly perfect, it’s not the ingredients here that make the dish, but technique refined over many years and more than a few broken eggs.

Ok, so how does it work? Well, now users in new projects can easily search for and recall any 1:1 email correspondence between two parties using “ONLY” across the following fields:








We’ve also included the “ONLY” operator in the Advanced Search Builder. Bon appétit.

Account-Level Custodians

If that new tab under admin preferences doesn't get your blood flowing, you better check your pulse. The Custodissance has achieved lift off, with account-level controls that allow admins to easily create, edit, view and otherwise manage custodians from a central command center. Check this out.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Custodians created at the account-level can be linked to existing project-level custodians for tracking purposes

  • Clicking "view" gives an overview of the projects and legal holds associated with the custodian

  • Clicking "edit custodian" allows you to update name, email, company, notes, or employment period data

  • New account-level custodians can be created during the upload process when a custodian must be selected.

  • When you add a new recipient to a legal hold, a new custodian will be created at the account level automatically.

  • A custodian tab with similar functionality is now available at the project level as well.

For more, see our exhaustive FAQ here.

Downloadable Transcriptions with Timestamps

From the creative team that brought you A/V transcription comes a time-jumping thrill ride that must be exported to be believed: Downloadable Transcriptions with Timestamps.

The New York Times calls it “an expertly crafted re-use of existing IP.”

“It practically leaps off the CSV," Rolling Stone raves.

If there’s only one text file you download this summer, make sure it’s a transcribed A/V file with timestamps. Now playing in all subscription accounts everywhere.

Session Expiration Warning

After 55 minutes of inactivity in the app, users will now receive the following pop-up...

... which narrowly beat out the other submissions:

Note: the Asheville-based jam band App-Wide Session Keep-Alive threatened legal action over the original name of this feature.

Bugs Bashed

In April, the Logikcull Engineering, Product and Design teams gathered for a three-day bug bashing bonanza over which time they sent no fewer than 44 bugs to meet their makers. In memoriam, here is a brief curated list:

  • The redact button in the document toolbar is no longer shown as enabled for media files, as these files can't currently be redacted.

  • The "save redactions" button on the document toolbar is now disabled until new or updated redactions have been applied.

  • Clicking on "redactions" in the doc viewer sidebar now takes the user to the page with the associated redaction. Previously it just pitied you.

  • The custodian field in the project upload form is no longer maxed at 50 characters. If only Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorffwelchevoraltern Sr. could've lived to see this day.

  • Custodian date fields no longer error out if they are manually entered as opposed to selected with the calendar.

  • Logikcull no longer bulk identifies all Slack channels in accounts with certain plans as "external."

  • The bulk user address modal now returns all users.

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