ℹ️ This feature is available to Account Administrators and Account Owners.

If Custom Sender Email Addresses are available to your Legal Hold account, you can quickly and easily set up your own custom email address to send Legal Hold notices. This address will appear as the sender when notice recipients see the message in their email inbox.

Creating the Custom Sender Email Address in Logikcull

💡 Tip: To future-proof your legal hold email deliverability, we recommend using an email alias (like legal@yourcompany.com) as opposed to a specific user. That way, if the person responsible for managing Legal Holds changes in your org, you won't have to update the sender email address for existing holds.

From your Account, click on Account Settings > Preferences.

  1. Scroll down to Custom Sender Email Addresses.

  2. Enter the Sender Name. This will be the name that appears next to the smtp email address.

  3. Enter the Sender Email Address.

  4. Click "Add Custom Sender Email Address" button. An email will be delivered to you for verification of your request.

Verifying the Custom Sender Email Address

Check the email address used in the Custom Sender field, for a verification request from notifications@logikcull.com, and follow the instructions to verify the custom email.

Using the Custom Sender Email Address in a Legal Hold

Following the link will take you directly back to your Logikcull account. Now your custom email address should be available from the drop-down menu in the "Email From" section of the Legal Hold builder. You can also save the Custom Sender Email Address as part of a Legal Hold template.

Removing Custom Sender Email Addresses from your Account

If you need to remove a Custom Sender Email Address from your project, simply return to Account > Preferences and click the three-dots kabob on the right side of your custom email address and delete it. You'll be prompted to choose an email address to replace the one you're removing.


  • Custom Email Addresses are account specific, so the same custom email address can be added to several different accounts.

  • An address only needs to be verified once in any account to be verified everywhere.

  • If a verified address is added to another account, it should show up as verified immediately and no verification email will be sent out.

  • If an unverified address is added to another account, a new verification email will be sent.

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