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Send and Confirm a Legal Hold through Slack
Send and Confirm a Legal Hold through Slack

Leverage Logikcull's API integrations to use Slack as an additional channel for Legal Hold notifications and confirmations

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Slack Legal Holds (available to all users who currently have the Legal Holds feature) allow legal hold recipients & custodians to confirm notice of a Legal Hold directly in Slack, ensuring broader reach as well as faster and higher confirmation rates for legal hold senders. Gone are the days of adding and creating individual contact cards or manually tracking responses on a spreadsheet! With Logikcull's automated tracking, documentation, and built-in alerts, save time and effort while increasing defensibility.

Deliver Legal Hold Notices to Slack Users

Customers with the Slack Legal Hold integration can now send legal hold notices directly as Slack messages to members of their organization through their connected Slack Workspace through the Logikcull Legal Hold application, available now on Slack's app directory. Members can then confirm receipt of the legal hold through a simple click of a button! Here's how it works:

1. Create Your Legal Hold in Logikcull by following Steps 1 through 3 in this link. If you would like to "Include a Survey" or questionnaire with the legal hold, select to do so in this step.

2. Customize the acceptance confirmation button in Step 2.

This is how the button will appear in the Slack message.

3. Connect Your Slack Workspace in Step 3 of Creating a new Legal Hold

  • Click "Connect Slack Workspace" and configure access settings in the pop-up window to allow Logikcull to connect to your Slack workspace.

  • Once the button displays "Slack connected" in a grayed-out button, your workspace is now connected! Custodians who are connected in Slack will have the Slack icon next to their name in the Available Custodians window.

Note that you will only need to make the first initial connection to Slack - that's it! Any future legal holds will automatically integrate with the connected Slack account. You can confirm that the credentials are connected via the Integrations tab under your Profile.

4. Add Custodians by selecting their names from the left panel. Selected Custodians will populate on the right window pane. Once a Slack Workspace is connected, existing custodians in your project/account that also have a connected Slack Workspace will be indicated with a Slack icon next to their name. For those existing custodians which do not have a connected Slack Workspace, you may still select those custodians to send the legal hold notice by email only.

5. Choose to send LH notice by Email, Slack, or both by toggling the button next to each custodian's name, or use the button at the top to toggle for all selected custodians. Toggle both buttons to off to include user as a "silent" custodian (i.e., these users will be tracked as part of your legal hold but will not receive email or Slack messages).

6. (Optional) Include a Survey/Questionnaire that LH recipients will be automatically redirected to once they click the notice acceptance button in Slack. Use the form to input your questions in the text boxes provided, and select possible answer formats from the drop-down menu on the right. (Note: If you select to include a Survey/Questionnaire, Custodians will not be confirmed until they complete and submit the questionnaire by clicking the "Complete Survey" button)

7. Send a Test Message to preview the contents of your Legal Hold message in Slack prior to sending. The test message should hit your inbox shortly after the Legal Hold window in Logikcull displays Status: Delivered. Test Message(s) will be indicated with a "Notice Preview" prefix in the subject line. (Note: The email address logged into Logikcull must match the Slack user email address from the connected Slack workspace in order to receive the test message in Slack)

8. Review & Send. Choose time and date settings to deliver the initial notice and any reminder messages. You may also select to be notified once all custodians confirm acceptance of the notice.

What Legal Hold Recipients See

Once Admin have connected Slack Workspace per the steps referenced here, Selected Custodians will see the Legal Hold appear as a message in their Logikcull App within Slack.

Confirming a Legal Hold in Slack

Scroll to the bottom of the message and click on the acceptance button (which may display different text from the example below):

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when a custodian has confirmed acceptance?

Navigate to 'My Legal Holds' in the left window pane above the 'My Projects' tab and select the applicable Legal Hold. Each Custodian will have a notification card that lists the status of their notice. Once the Custodian clicks their acceptance button, the card will be updated with "Confirmed".

How do I track the confirmation status of each Custodian?

To track the confirmation status of custodians:

Under the 'My Legal Holds' tab, navigate to the 'Download' button in the top-right screen and click "Download Hold Report". This will generate a CSV report listing each custodian as either "Pending" or "Confirmed".

What information is available in the Holds Report?

The following information is available in the Holds Report:

  • Custodian Names and Emails

  • Status of Confirmation ("Confirmed" / "Pending")

  • Confirmation Date

  • Confirmation Method (Slack or Email)

  • Legal Hold Delivery Date

  • Legal Hold Reminder Date (if applicable)

Will LH Senders/Admin see or receive any Slack messages that Custodians send in response to the notice message in Slack?

No. Custodians will have not the option to send a response message in Slack and will instead see the message, "Sending messages to this app has been turned off." Should any Custodian need to contact the legal hold sender, we strongly recommend including an email address in the message body of the legal hold notice to which Custodians may direct any further communication.

How will reminder notices and release messages appear in Slack?

Reminder messages will appear in the same message inbox within the Logikcull Application in Slack with a "REMINDER" prefix in the subject line. This message will consist of the message text entered in Step 2 of creating the Legal Hold, followed by the original legal hold message.

Release messages will only be sent to Custodians in Slack if the sender/Admin selects to "Release Hold" (see this article on how to Release a Hold). If selected, the release message will appear in the same message inbox within the Logikcull Application in Slack and will display the subject line and message body entered by the creator in the 'Release Message' window in Step 2 of creating the Legal Hold. If the Admin has not changed the default subject line, the release message will appear with the following subject header: "You have been released from a legal hold. See email for further details"

Note that if Admin selected to "Delete Custodian" rather than to "Release Hold", the deleted Custodian will not receive the release message in Slack, though they may still receive the emailed release message, if the applicable box is selected.

What is the retention policy for the legal hold messages in Slack?

The retention policy for legal hold messages in the Slack app will follow the same retention policy as the Slack Workplace's in-place policy for DMs.

I currently have active/existing Legal Holds already in Logikcull that I would like to send via Slack now. Is that possible?

We currently do not have the ability to send legal hold notices via Slack for existing legal holds.

I tried to send a Test Message but it says "Status: pending" and I do not see a test message in my Slack inbox.

The "Status: Pending" message will occur if the email address registered to the Logikcull account differs from the user's email address in Slack. The email address of the user sending the Legal Hold must match between Logikcull and Slack in order to send a test message in Slack. If you click "Resend Test Message" again, Logikcull will send a Test Message via email instead, and the status here will modify to Status: delivered.

Can I include an attachment (e.g., instructions, guidance, legal documents) with the legal notice in the Slack app?

Yes, you can include attachments with your legal hold notice in the Slack app! In Step 2 of creating the legal hold, click the paperclip icon on the right to include any file that you wish to include with the legal hold notice. Custodians will see an option to Download the attachment from the message, or can access the attachment in a Reply thread to the original message.

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