November 2021
Monthly updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.
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Chat Filters

More than 1.5 billion Slack messages are sent every month. Approximately 900 million of those contain highly secretive fantasy football intel, and another 100 million or so are "πŸ€”", indicating passive aggression.

Whatever's left makes great fodder for many thousands of internal investigations, employment disputes and IP litigations. Why? Because people say dumb stuff when they think no one else is looking. But people will see it, won't they. Because everything is discoverable.

And that's why we built chat filters.

Chat filters make it easy to surface the important conversations, quips, and eye-rolls buried in the Slack morass. Applying Logikcull's Culling Intelligence to chat, you can now filter Slack content by criteria like conversation participants, channel, sender, deleted and edited messages and even reactions. Yep, reactions. πŸ˜‰

Have a look.

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Time-Based Access

It's a common recurring dream. You've given database access to an expert witness. Now 18 months have passed and you remember that, not only does this person still have access, but he's been harvesting sensitive contracts for sharing with your biggest rival.

You wake up in a cold sweat.

With Time-Based Access, you can now, as you might guess, time-bound user permissions, revoking the keys to the proverbial car at a pre-determined date and time. If users need more time, they can request extensions or ask to be re-added to projects after access is terminated.

Learn more in our FAQ.

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Gmail Labels

Those who defy labels define themselves (says this five-year-old Mini Cooper commercial). But those who apply labels find themselves.

Or make it easier for others to find them. Or something. It would sound snappier coming from Logikcull spokesman Harvey Keitel.

In any case, Logikcull accounts with the Google Vault integration enabled will now automatically apply Gmail labels to imported email, so you can easily filter on categories like "Sent," "Unread," and "Deleted."

There are some things in life that metadata can't define. For everything else, there's Gmail labels. Or something.

Take a gander!

The Google Vault integration is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Custom Domains for Logikcull Hold

"Why am I getting an email from a 'Logikcull'? I don't trust anyone who spells their name like that!" is the first thought of a non-zero percentage of those in receipt of a hold notice sent via Logikcull. And for good reason: 3 out of 4 organizations experienced a fishing attack in the last 12 months, 96% of those arriving via email.

To increase transparency and acknowledgement of Logikcull Holds, and alleviate phishing anxiety, users can now send from custom domains.

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Document Annotations

The most requested feature over the last year has arrived, and with pinpoint accuracy. Document annotations work similarly to pins in Google Maps. Just select the words you want to highlight or any other element in the document, drop a pin, and add a comment. It's an awesome way to send an SOS.

You can edit and delete your annotations, and share them with other Logikcull users for ease of collaboration. Annotations are also searchable and can be filtered by author. Check out more in our FAQ here, and take a peek below.

Annotations are now available to all Logikcull users.

Preservation in Place for Google Workspace

Logikcull Hold, our powerfully simple legal hold solution that eats spreadsheets for breakfast, now preserves custodial data via a direct integration with Google Workspace. Want to lock down Gmail? Takes a click. But you can also preserve data from Google Drive, Google Voice and Hangouts. Just select your custodians, define the preservation timeframe, choose the associated Google Vault matter, and pick your preferred data sources to preserve. If you're wondering, yes, Logikcull automatically transcribes files uploaded from Google Voice. Here's how it works...

Now, without further ado, here are a few legal hold-related names for your next garage band:

The Spoliators, Intent to Deprive, Reasonable Anticipation, The Silent Custodians, Shira and The Sanctions, Measures No Greater, Questionnaire and The Mysterians.

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

"Show Two-Factor Key" Option

You're at a restaurant and the only way to pull up the menu is to scan a QR code glued to the wall halfway across a crowded room. You get up. You shuffle through a couple groups. Excuse me. Pardon me. You knock a full beer out of someone's hand. You arrive at the QR code. You whip out your phone. You drop your phone. Your phone camera lens shatters. You go home hungry.

This scenario also hovers over the fraught two-factor authentication setup process. With the "Show Two-Factor Key" option, users now have the ability to bypass the QR code entirely and enter a manual key.

Upload Foldering Support for Filters

Some users, maybe you dear reader, organize uploads into folders only to find their meticulously arranged digital filing cabinet hidden from view in the search interface. The workaround is tedious and requires gin. With this upgrade, your uploaded folder structure now reflects in the upload filter for faster searching.

Comments Support for Extracted Word Doc Text

Comments applied to Word documents now appear in the extracted text layer within the document viewer. SO MAKE THEM GOOD.

Extension of User Activity Reporting Window

You'll recall that Logikcull's User Activity Reporting allows admins to report on a wide range of user behavior and performance within the app. Very big brother and whatnot, but in a constructive way. Now you can report on those activities beyond the last 90 days.

Bug Fixes

And finally, in honor of the hundreds of lady beetles in the upstairs guest room who'll soon meet my vacuum, a list of bugs bashed:

  • File names for overlays now support a broader range of special characters, including "&".

  • When rendering HTML files to PDF upon upload, all files now render to the standard Letter size, as opposed to the non-standard A4 format.

  • User preferences for the search interface and document viewer now save even if cookies are cleared or the user changes browsers or devices.

  • The "Tags Duplicate" alert now respects the "don't show me again" checkbox.

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