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August 2021

Monthly updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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August 2021

Legal Hold Modal

What do you get when you cross “hold” and “modal”? A Hogwartsian engineering acronym that also stands for Hold On for Dear Life... which is what you’ll be doing when you’re navigating the new blazingly fast legal hold and legal hold template creator. Strap yourself in and watch this!

Self-Serve Archiving

Like a milk jug bird feeder, that ill-fated roof retiling, and Ian MacKaye, project archiving is now 100% DIY. Just select "Archive Project" from the dropdown on your project tab, as shown below...

This feature is only available for subscription customers. To learn more, please contact us at

Auto-Database Import Detection

Big wave surfers use spotters who survey conditions from above, forecasting dangerous swells before they arise from the abyss and clobber you. If you’ve ever dumped a ZIP file into Logikcull without inspecting it, the metaphor probably needs no further explanation.


No, it is. Logikcull now auto-flags ZIP files containing productions, showing a warning message and pausing transfer when they’re added to the file uploader. One day, it may help you catch bigger waves.

Lazy-Loaded Sidebar

Everyone’s favorite Sunset Strip watering hole is at last a function in Logikcull. The Lazy-Loaded Sidebar, aka the control panel on the right rail of the document viewer, only renders the features that are actually visible to you. In other words, your docs now load faster because we’re not burning cycles loading features you’re not using.

Slip Sheets for Quick PDFs

The Quick PDF function allows you to easily group and download documents as PDFs from the Search tab in Logikcull. Now you also have the ability to include or exclude slip sheets as part of the merged PDF download. Learn more from this FAQ.

Improvements to MS365 Custodian Search

Those using Logikcull’s MS365 integration will experience faster searches and more reliable recall when looking for user data to import. This upgrade, which allows seamless retrieval of MS365 users via an external API, also minimizes the risk of frozen searches when the MS365 environment exceeds tens of thousands of users. Check this out...

This MS365 integration is only available for subscription customers. To learn more, please contact us at

Date Sorting for Similar Docs

With SimDocs, Logikcull automatically recalls and sorts near-identical documents via a similarity score algorithm. But you may now sort these documents based on document date as well. Check out a quick tour of SimDocs here.

This feature is only available for subscription customers. To learn more, please contact us at

And finally, a rollup of bugs bashed:

  • M4A audio files now transcribe correctly

  • We've added support for WMA file transcoding

  • We've added support for Apple MP4 transcoding

  • We've added support for the “em dash” character in file upload names

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