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Troubleshooting Stuck/Failed Uploads
Troubleshooting Stuck/Failed Uploads
Here are some common troubleshooting steps when an upload fails to complete.
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A failed upload can be caused by one or a variety of different factors. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can investigate.

Optimize for data transfer.

For file uploads, the first phase - transferring (yellow progress bar) - relies on your Internet connection to get documents over to Logikcull for processing. We recommend the following to help move your upload through the transfer stage and into processing:

  • Upload from a local drive (i.e. desktop files) as opposed to a shared drive or a thumb drive.

  • Plug into a high-speed DSL line (as opposed to WiFi). You can check Internet speed here:

  • Stay logged into Logikcull while the item is transferring. You can adjust computer sleep settings to ensure the system does not go to sleep during the transfer process.

  • If you're trying to upload a spanned zip (e.g. items ending in .zip.001 or .z001) please first extract all parts of the spanned zip, starting with the first section, and re-combine the entire volume in a non-spanned format to upload to Logikcull.

Check for password protection on the file.

If your uploaded file is password protected, Logikcull will load it as a 0 byte file.

PST still connected to Outlook.

We typically see best results when uploading PSTs if the item is being uploaded from a local drive such as a desktop (vs. a shared drive) and also if the PST is disconnected from Outlook.

To disconnect the PST, Open Outlook > Right-click the Personal Folders file (i.e. the PST) that you want to remove from the Navigation Pane > Click Close Personal Folders.

Corrupt PST

Fortunately, this can be easily remedied using ScanPST, a program that is meant to specifically address corrupt PST files.

⚠️ Keep in mind, ScanPST can alter/delete data when used with a damaged PST. More information about this can be found here:

ℹ️ Need more help? Just chat with our support team or email

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