Culling a document will hide it from view and prevent it from being returned in search results. For example, if you identify a set a documents as spam you can cull those documents so that they're not returned in your search results. Culling a document does not delete it, your document is simply sequestered in a "culled" collection that you can access again if you need to.

You can cull or un-cull individual documents from your search results by hovering over the vertical dots on the lower right corner of the document card, then making your selection.

You can also cull or un-cull individual documents from the document viewer in the same way, by hovering over the vertical dots in the document viewer and selecting "cull" or "un-cull" as needed:

Toggle the Culled view in the filter carousel at any time to search and review your culled and un-culled documents. You can also un-cull them the culled set at any time - culling is not a permanent state!

Can't find Document view? You can add it by customizing the filter carousel!

Need to cull several documents? Use the bulk action tool to accomplish this without having to select each document individually.

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