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Bulk Keyword Searches

Bulk keyword search can be used to type or copy/paste multiple search queries that can be compared or combined into a comprehensive search.

Access bulk keyword search by opening the search builder on the main search page:

Next, type or paste your individual queries into each row in the form. Wildcards and proximity, and boolean queries supported in bulk keyword searches:

Finally, choose an action below the list:

  • Search All:

    • Searches all queries at once, joined together by "OR". The resulting (combined) search syntax will populate in your search bar at the top of the page and will run automatically.

  • Test Searches:

    • Shows the preliminary doc count, page count, and size resulting from each individual query before running any searches.

Bulk Keyword Report Options

  • Build Search Report:

    • Generates a detailed CSV with results for each line. This report is run asynchronously and will be emailed to you and also available on the Downloads tab when it's complete.

  • CSV:

    • Generates a bulk keyword CSV reporting doc count, page count, and size for resulting from each query. Report will be available for download from Search page.

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