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File Path Searches
File Path Searches

Logikcull extracts the relative file path of uploaded documents for easy searching and sorting.

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Logikcull’s file uploads will extract and display the original file structure of your uploaded data. This will allow you to identify and search on the native file structure of your files. This can be especially beneficial when conducting managed reviews, or perhaps to prepare witnesses who understand the data as originally maintained, or to do initial exploration for meaningful search terms.

Searching File Paths for File Upload Documents

For file upload documents, the relative file path metadata includes all folders from the top container leading to the folder containing the document. Child documents (attachments and embedded docs) file paths include the file name of the parent document.

For example, let’s assume this is the full file path of a set of documents:

\2018 Logikcull Sample Data\2018 Logikcull Sample Data Medium\001_Mail_PST\kate_symes_003_1_1.pst\Top of Personal Folders\symes-k\kate symes 6-27-02\Notes Folders\'sent mail

The file path can be viewed in the document card below the file name in search results:

Let's say you're interested in reviewing the entirety of the kate_symes_003_1_1.pst path.

Option 1: Paste the file_path: search into the search bar

Select the file path up until the folder you are interested in, wrapping your selection in quotes, then paste into the search bar.

In this example, the search would look like this:

file_path:“\2018 Logikcull Sample Data\2018 Logikcull Sample Data Medium\001_Mail_PST\kate_symes_003_1_1.pst”

Option 2: Use Advanced Search Builder and search the "file path" field

Copy and paste the file path to include only the folders of interest into the search bar.

"\2017 Logikcull Sample Data\2017 Logikcull Sample Data\001_Mail_PST\sally_beck_002_1_1_1.pst"

💡 Make sure to enclose your search query in double-quotes!

You can switch to table view to verify all the file paths and review your results. This field is sortable, meaning you can sort documents by File Path by clicking on the header. This is particularly useful if you need to search for and/or view all documents within a specific subfolder or subdirectory.

You can also run a CSV download with the file path data. Make sure to include the File Path field in the CSV template, and then export the results into a spreadsheet.

Slack Uploads Note

Slack file paths are captured with forward-facing slashes. Please make sure your searches reflect this.


Searching File Paths for Database Imports/Production Uploads

For production uploads/database imports, whether or not any file path metadata exists will depend on the metadata provided and/or contained in the accompanying load file. If original file path metadata is included, be sure to map the field to Logikcull's "File Path" field.

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