Click on your profile picture on the navigation bar to go directly to your User Profile.

Look for the Two-Factor Authentication section and click on "Enable."

You can then set up either an SMS text message authentication or app-based authenticator.

After selecting a method, you will need to enter your Logikcull password, followed by the authentication code provided by either method.

Authenticator app:

SMS validation:

Once validated, Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled for your login.

⚠️ You have the option to generate backup codes (just in case!) and add a fallback SMS number in the event you lose your device or are unable to access it.
This is highly recommended!

If you are an Account Owner, you can require Two-Factor Authentication for all users in your account by going to the Preferences section of your Account Settings page and enabling Two-Factor Authentication for the Account.

NOTE: If you've lost your device used for Two-Factor Authentication (and do not have access to your temporary recovery codes), but need Two-Factor Authentication re-enabled on a new device, please chat with our support team and provide the following information:

  1. Your user account email address

  2. A fallback number that receives SMS messages, so that we may send you a one-time code to have this reset

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