1. Generate recovery codes

  2. Disable 2-Factor Authentication temporarily

  3. Re-enable with a smartphone app

  4. Complete 2FA Setup

  5. Generate new backup codes

1. Generate recovery codes

You'll need one of the Recovery codes to temporarily disable 2FA. Retain your codes somewhere safe for easy access. Generate recovery codes by clicking "MY SETTINGS" or your avatar user profile from the left-most navigation links and head on to the Two-Factor Authentication settings.

Note: If your 2FA setup is currently using SMS text only, you'll need one working authentication code to enter in order to generate recovery codes. You can create one by clicking "Send authentication code" during backup code creation. If you experience delays in receiving your SMS codes, you can reach out to support@logikcull.com or go to our in-app chat to obtain temporary codes.

2. Disable Two Factor Authentication temporarily

Enter one of the backup codes generated in order to disable 2FA.

3. Re-enable with a smartphone app.

After disabling, select Enable under Two Factor Authentication and select the "Smartphone App" option to receive future 2FA codes on your App.

⚠️ Before continuing to set-up 2FA with Smartphone App, make sure you have downloaded and installed an Authenticator App such as Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

4. Complete 2FA Setup

Follow the steps in this FAQ to complete 2FA setup and make sure to add a fallback SMS number in order to continue receiving the codes via SMS text as a backup plan in case the authenticator app is not available or uninstalled.

5. Generate a new set of recovery codes.

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