The ability to choose from previous downloads as a basis for your images can be a handy timesaver. Here’s how to do so in a few quick steps:

  • On the first landing page (titled “Step 1 of 4”) follow the prompts to select a Saved Search, designate sorting, and designate your chosen treatment for family members and culled family members.
  • On the second landing page (“Step 2 of 4”) select from the “Download Template” drop-down to choose a previously configured set of metadata fields, or choose “Create a new Template” to set up (and save) your own unique set of fields.
  • On the third landing page (“Step 3 of 4”) follow the prompts to choose your selections for load files, native files, text, and reports.  Under “Include Images”, choose “Yes, include previously downloaded images”. This will give you the choice of selecting a specific download or production volume, or selecting the most recent downloaded version of a document (potentially spanning multiple volumes). You can follow the standard download steps to create image endorsements if you wish.
  • Follow the prompt to your final landing page (“Step 4 of 4”) to designate your download’s name and confirm your settings.

That’s it!

A couple things to keep in mind when downloading previously produced images is that prior downloads without images won’t be available in your selection list, and if you’ve chosen to reproduce from multiple downloads (i.e. the most recent downloaded version of your images), they must not have overlapping bates ranges, or your download will report an error.

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