Families - you see this term used quite a lot in Logikcull. They are important for deduplication purposes, knowing what kind of document you are looking at, and when considering what documents you are actually producing. But what does it mean, exactly?

Simply put, families are the relationship between a parent and its children. By parent, we mean documents that have attachments/embedded files; by children, we mean documents that are attachments/embedded files.

For example, an email with attachments. In this scenario the email would be the parent document, and the attachments would be its children.

Standalone documents are those that do not have any attachments/embedded files.

You can filter by family with the "family status" column in the filter carousel. You can also tag for a full family through the document info panel, by clicking on the option from the ellipsis (...) next to the tag.

An important fact to note is that families should not be confused with threads. Threads are the email conversations back and forth, and each email in this thread is either a standalone or its own family. You can check the respective sections in the document info panel. Threads can be filtered by the "has threads" QC tag.

Note for uploads: If uploading documents in which the family relationships must be preserved, you can do so by either uploading the parent document that contains the attachments/embedded files via a file upload, or alternatively via a database import whereby a family bates range is specified for each family arrangement in your metadata load file. 

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