August 2022

Monthly updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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Multi-Page (Full Page) Redactions

We're kicking this off with a bang, y'all! You spoke and we listened: Logikcull users can now redact multiple, full pages all at once. Here's how Hyunoo Park, the main engineer on the project, describes its impact:

"Users need to redact full pages sometimes. Sometimes they need to redact a lot of pages fully. Clicking each page is pretty exhausting... so this feature will help those people return to their families and loved ones with more energy."

Well said, Hyunoo.

This feature also changes the way the redaction toolbar looks, so you'll now see icons instead of the "Full Page" and "Save Redactions" buttons. If you select the multi-page button, you can specify all pages, or just certain page ranges. And yeah, you can apply labels too. Check it out:

A word to the wise: Full page redactions are not automatically saved, so be sure to click the "Save" button after applying them.

Delete All Redactions

Well, now that we've made redactions so easy, what if you need to get rid of them? Imagine, if you will, that you've just lovingly placed redactions as needed in a really large project. You've used the multi-page redaction tool to take out entire pages, not to mention all the smaller redactions. There are hundreds of redactions. Thousands, perhaps.

Then you're told you need to start over. The redactions have to go. Every last one.

David Rose with text that reads "I'm feeling this, like, deep aching sense of dread."

Have no fear! Delete all redactions is here!

Instead of having to go back through and delete redactions one at a time, Logikcull now allows you to delete all redactions at once and start fresh. It's like a watermelon juice detox for your matter. Just be sure to click "Save Redactions" when you're done.

File Renaming

Not all file names are created equal. Sometimes you upload a bunch of files with names like "24601JVJ1985" and you have no idea what's in there.

Man looking through window

Is this a relevant document or a pizza order from 2 years ago?

Previously, you couldn't rename those documents once they were in Logikcull. But now, Project Admins can edit file names from the Metadata Modal, which can be found by clicking "Show More" in the Doc Viewer or via the kebab menu in the search cards. Take a look:

Go forth and rename to your heart's content!

Account Stats Emails

Despite the Regina Georges of the world telling us to stop trying to make account stats emails happen, our engineers shipped them anyway and they are very fetch.

By now, you likely know about our handy-dandy stats dashboard that's available to Account Admins, but in case you forgot, it's where you can see your activity in the Logikcull app. It looks like this:

But maybe you don't log into the Logikcull app every day (why not is beyond me, but to each their own), and you want to see your stats another way. Well, you can get them as a daily email instead!

Subscribe to the email under your user profile notification settings to get these daily updates on how Logikcull is working for you!

Upload-Only User Roles

We've all heard that sharing is caring, but there is such a thing as oversharing. For example, you don't need to know that it's so hot where I live that for the first time in my life I'm experiencing inner elbow sweat on a regular basis. Nobody needs to know that.

When you're doing discovery, oversharing can result in, ya know, privilege waiver, sanctions, malpractice or just good old-fashioned embarrassment. Not everyone needs all the information in a project. But sometimes you need documents from somebody who shouldn't have access to other files.

Enter Logikcull's new upload-only user roles! This allows Project Admins to invite users who can upload documents without access to any other data in the project. So you -- "you" being in-house folks with remote custodians and law firms who'd prefer to securely collect client data -- can get all the data you need without worrying about prying eyes accessing the rest of your project.

Other Cool Stuff

Save Search Issues: There was an issue with the Save Search form getting stuck in an eternal loading state, because it was trying to retrieve info for families even when it wasn't necessary. What can we say? It just cared too much... It's now been upgraded to keep all the same functionality as before, without taking a detour to loading purgatory.

Legal Hold HTML Formatting: Logikcull's previous legal hold notice editor supported limited editing features. By switching to HTML format, users now have access to additional formatting options for their legal hold notices: inserting tables, aligning and indenting text, additional list styles (like roman numerals), and text strikethrough.
If you have existing notice templates you'd like to convert to HTML to take advantage of the advanced formatting options, just open the template in the editor, navigate to the Hold Message step, and click "Enable advanced formatting".

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