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How do I bulk-tag duplicates of tagged documents?
How do I bulk-tag duplicates of tagged documents?

Use this easy workflow to query the duplicates of tagged documents and bulk tag the results.

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Identify Documents to Tag

Identify the subset of documents you wish to tag. In our example, we had seven documents tagged as 'hot' and wanted to also tag all their duplicates.

Filter Documents

Filter the documents based on your chosen criteria (for example, the "Hot" tag)

Download Search Results

Download a search CSV of the results, making sure to include the "Hash" metadata field in your report.

Search Using Hash Values

Paste the hash values obtained from the spreadsheet into the search bar and run a search for deduplication_checksum:(hash hash hash hash) where the actual hash values from the spreadsheet are pasted in-between the parentheses. Remember, the spaces between each of the hash values serve as 'OR' operators, meaning the search will run for each of these hash values.

Bulk Tag Documents

After conducting this search, go to 'actions', click on 'search', and then 'bulk tag'. This will apply this tag to all the identified documents, including the original documents and their duplicates.

ℹ️ Note: If at any point you run into character limits during your searches, you might need to split your search. This can be managed from a spreadsheet.

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