This feature is available on subscription plans.

How it works

Logikcull's VoiceTouch automatically analyzes your supported media uploads and prepares a transcript of these files that's viewable from the doc viewer. The transcript allows you to jump directly to any section of the video by clicking on the related text.

This feature is available for new uploads after June 15, 2021. The feature will not transcribe any previously uploaded files.

Use QC Tags to determine transcript availability

  • Transcribed = successful transcription

  • Transcription failed = transcription attempted, but may have failed due to formats or length. The current length limit is 4 hours.

  • No QC tag = no transcription attempted

⚠️ Transcription quality considerations

Logikcull's audio/video transcription is generally very accurate for English-language recording, but is machine-driven and thus can be impacted by complications such as:

  • background noise/music

  • poor microphone quality

  • multiple voices speaking at once

  • use of slang/jargon

You can check samples of your audio recordings to help determine the quality of the transcription, and leverage fuzzy search terms to pull in more inclusive matches:

Fuzzy Terms:
To find words with similar spellings use the tilde, ~ , symbol at the end of the term. Add a value between 0 and 1 to alter the level of similarity. Example: Need~0.3 may return Needle, Neading, Meeting, etc. Whereas Need~0.8 may only return Need, Nead.

How A/V Transcription work with Production Uploads

A/V Transcription is supported via production upload as long as it meets these requirements:

  • Project is created after 1/14/2022

  • Volume contain supported native A/V files

  • Done during initial upload only not overlay

  • Should not have corresponding slipsheet images or text files therefore only the "Natives" box is checked.

  • "Render Native" and "Attempt OCR if no text is detected" boxes are both checked in step 4 of 4 during upload creation.

  • Documents successfully transcribed will received "Rendered from Import" and "Transcribed" QC tags

Supported media files

Currently, Logikcull supports the following media files:

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