When you upload an e-mail, if the metadata is available, Logikcull will automatically scan the e-mail addresses in the From, To, CC, and BCC fields. Logikcull will then cross-reference the e-mails with a database we've built that contains thousands of known law firm e-mail domains. If a match is found, we will automatically tag the e-mail and all of its attachments as "Potentially Privileged". If the e-mail has attachments, Logikcull will tag those attachments as "Potentially Privileged" also.

Important Note: Although Logikcull attempts to use available information in order to make an intelligent privilege determination, there is no substitute for a manual review. It is best practice to confirm that these e-mails are indeed privileged. You can use the 'Email From' and 'Email To' filters to help with that determination.

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