February 2021

Monthly updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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Bulk Redactions

Tired of redacting the same term ⬛⬛⬛ by ⬛⬛⬛ by ⬛⬛⬛ in a given document? Well we’ve sharpened your redaction bay⬛⬛⬛t and made them a n⬛⬛⬛vent. With a click, you can now apply redactions across search terms within a document. We've also provided support for digit matching—crucial for catching ph⬛⬛ and social security numbers. Here's how it works...

As part of this feature release, Logikcull now offers redaction navigation when the redaction toggle in the document viewer is turned on -- allowing users to easily click from redaction to redaction within a document. For more, check out the FAQ here.

This feature is only available in subscription plans.

Pop-Out Viewer with Dual-Monitor Support

Ever felt an urge to fire the doc viewer up on the big screen while DJ’ing search results on your phone? Well now we’ve got you covered! So invite the neighbors over, put the chardonnay on ice, and get that review party started.

For more stress-free entertaining tips, visit our pop-out viewer FAQ here -- and check out this quick demo.

Search Hit Stats—Now, With Families

Okay, so I've run a search and know how many parent documents that particular query has returned. But how do the document, page and size counts change when I include attachments? What was once a guessing game is now crystal clear with the toggle of a new switch that appears next to search result stats. Check this out...

Password Rotation Control

Logikcull administrators and account owners now have the ability to enforce rotation of passwords for individual users on either a 90-, 180-, or 365-day basis. Note that users in SSO-enabled accounts will be exempt from this requirement.

This feature is only available in subscription plans.

Password Cycling Restrictions

Account administrators may now limit users to one password change over a specified period (either one, two or three days). This security feature is meant to discourage users from quickly cycling through passwords to sidestep Logikcull’s restriction on reusing any of your six most recent passwords. For instance, if your original password is freewhee1in’, you’ll no longer be able to use password resets to quickly cycle through A-changin’64, AnotherSideBD, Allbackhome, highway6!, blonde2x and JWHarding in order to free up and reuse freewhee1in'.

Automated Redaction Label Logs

Labels applied to redactions may now be automatically generated in a spreadsheet column, similar to how one would create a privilege log. From the downloads tab, click “Download reports” from the “More” menu underneath the download in question. The resulting CSV file now includes a column with redaction label descriptions for each redacted document in the production. Here’s how it works.

Additional Text File Support

Fun fact: .yaml or YAML, which is a data serialization language similar to XML, stands for “YAML Ain’t Markup Language.” Seriously! A file format whose name is a joke unto itself! What a time to be alive! So do with that little kneeslapper what you please, but also know that Logikcull now supports and renders .yaml to text, along with .ini, .log, .pl and .yml.

Warnings for Missing Image Crossref Files

If an image loadfile is imported to Logikcull without a matching line in the corresponding crossref file (i.e. OPT, LFP), Logikcull will now automatically prompt a data volume warning before the import begins processing.

Dynamic Upload Queuing

Backend improvements that auto-prioritize uploads within and across accounts now help ensure that smaller uploads aren’t blocked by larger uploads. Put another way, less of this…

And more of this…

Bug-Fix: Multi-Tab Login Support

It’s a typical work day and you have 37 tabs open in a browser. Unbeknownst to you, in one of them, you are logged into Logikcull. Now you open a new tab, navigate to the sign-in page, and receive an error message when attempting to log in. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
A new bug fix rids this error and allows you to log in from the new tab.

Bug-Fix: LFP Image Correction for Downloads

Previously, downloads with LFP images included a field indicating the exported PDFs were TIFFs. No more. Now behold the sonnet our practice support head, John O’Hara, penned to commemorate this bug bashed.

When malformed load files shall besiege thy brow,

And dig deep trenches in thy matter’s field,

Thy upload’s livery, so gazed on now,

Will be a tatter’d weed, of small worth held:

Then being ask’d where all thy data lies,

Where all the treasure of thy responsive docs,

To say, within thine own deep-sunken eyes,

Were an all-eating shame and delimited crock.

How much validation deserved thy volume’s use,

If thou couldst index these children of mine

Shall sum my doc count without excuse,

Prove its’ beauty by validation thine!

If this LFP should function before thou art old,

And hear thy users’ glee when thou feel’st it cold.

Account Owner 2FA Toggle

Account owners, previously unable to turn their own two-factor authentication settings on or off before first disabling 2FA for the entire account, may now disable or re-enable 2FA without first clearing this hurdle.

TAR Archive Processing Speed Boost

Let’s say, hypothetically, one randomly downloaded the Enron email archive -- file format = TAR.gz -- from the darkest corners of the internet. And then let’s say, hypothetically, that one were to upload this very, very seldomly seen archive to Logikcull for testing purposes. With this 20x speed improvement, the file now zips through the processing pipeline without setting off a five-alarm fire that keeps a quarter of the engineering team away from their families for a weekend. Again, hypothetically-speaking.

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