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Create a searchable field for document review with custom fields.

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Creating a Custom Field

You have two easy options for creating Custom Fields in your project! You must be an Account Owner, Account Admin, Project Admin, or Pro User in order to add Fields to a project. If you are a Basic User or Review User, contact your admin for assistance.

From Project Settings

Navigate to Project Settings, select Fields from the drop-down menu, then select "Create a new Field."

From the Document Viewer

From the Document Viewer, select Fields, then select "Add New Fields."

Field names should consist of letters, numbers, spaces, or underscore and be 50 characters or less. You may also choose a color designation for your field.

Entering Data into a Custom Field

When the document is open in the Document Viewer, in the right side Document Info pane, you can type in the information needed, and then you can click ‘Save’

The Save button for each Field only appears if the data has changed since you last saved it, which makes it easy to see which items you've recently altered.

⚠️ Use of the < and > characters is not supported in custom field entries.

Searching Custom Fields

We've made searching your Fields easy! You can either use the advanced search builder, or you can use the direct search syntax:


Exporting Custom Fields

When creating a Download simply locate your custom Field in the list of available fields when creating a new template.

Custom Fields will be prefixed in the list of available field options with "Field:" (which is a great way to filter for them quickly!).

Deleting Custom Fields

Project Admins and above can navigate to the Project Settings page, locate the Fields tab, and click Delete to the right of the Field you'd like removed. You'll be prompted to confirm your choice by clicking "Delete" to continue or "Cancel" to stop your deletion.

⚠️ Deleting a Field is permanent and irreversible. Any data populated in a Field you delete will be lost! Be careful.

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