The vast majority of these errors are caused by misalignment between the relative file path reported in a load file and the actual location of those documents in the volume.

When zipping up your volume, make sure that the folder structure in the volume matches the file path in the load file for your natives and text files exactly.

Please note that the Error log provides the first instance of the error. The number to the right of the sample error, in the "occurrences" column, indicates how many times that particular class of error occur in the upload.

Use the Error Report to see what the expected file path is:

You can download the error report by clicking "Download error report" in the top right corner of the Data Volume Warnings modal.

The Error Report might show errors like this:

(warning) Line 2: Missing text file for PROD00000001: VOL001\TEXT\PROD00000001.txt
(warning) Line 1: Missing image file for PROD00000001: PROD00000001.pdf
(warning) Line 3: Missing text file for PROD00000002: VOL001\TEXT\PROD00000002.txt(
warning) Line 2: Missing image file for PROD00000002: PROD00000002.pdf

Using the error report can be handy here since it will point to specific lines where the files are missing.

For example, this sample excerpt indicates that VOL001\TEXT\PROD00000003.txt and its corresponding corresponding PROD00000003.pdf is missing.

(warning) Line 4: Missing text file for PROD00000003: VOL001\TEXT\PROD00000003.txt
(warning) Line 3: Missing image file for PROD00000003: PROD00000003.pdf

Using the indicated file path, navigate to your extracted zip and ensure that these files are located within.

If the indicated file is missing from its folder, Logikcull will throw the above errors.

This fix would necessitate going back to the producing party and requesting the missing documents, and an updated load file.

Checking the Native/Text file path in CSV/DAT load file:

Assuming the files are located in their correct folder, and are accounted for, the next step would be to ensure that your zip file structure matches up with the expected file structure in the load file.

For example, if the database volume directory leading to a Native File is structured like this:

The Native File Link in your load file needs to mirror that structure, with the same folders and subfolders leading to the file, like this:

⚠️ Be careful to make sure the top-level zip folder is not included in the directory.

Checking the image file path in OPT/LFP:

The same rule goes for your Image files, respectively; although your Image file links will be located in an image load file (OPT or LFP).

You should ensure that your zip file has this same expected structure when uploading to Logikcull.

For example, the first folder you would want to see in your zip would be a folder called “VOL001” if you had a structure similar to that one.

Ensuring that your zip file has an identical structure to the one specified in your load file will clear the errors in the upload.

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