What is an Overlay?

An overlay is a process of updating and/or replacing metadata, images, natives, or text on existing database uploads.

When should Overlays be applied?

  • You received a production with poor quality images or text, you can now request an overlay and add them to Logikcull without losing work product. Logikcull will re-index the overlaid text automatically.
  • You received natives and placeholder images as a production. Now you can re-image the natives in Logikcull and create your own overlay to replace the placeholders.
  • You received a production but realize some of the metadata is missing. You can now request a supplemental delivery of just the metadata and add it to Logikcull.

What can't be overlaid?

  • Family Relationships
  • Tags can be imported as metadata but will not populate as tags.
  • Notes can be imported as metadata but will not populate as notes.
  • Comments can be imported as metadata but will not populate as comments.

Step by Step Instructions

⚠️ An overlay is only possible if the data was uploaded as a database upload.

  1. The option to do an overlay is available under Database Upload (item 1).

2. Choose “I’d like to import an overlay” (item 2) and select the file types that are being overlaid with new data (item 3)

⚠️ NOTE: Like database upload, load files are a must! If you're overlaying the Native File Link or Text link, you will need to check "Natives" and/or "Text" accordingly.

Tip: Don't know which file types to choose? A good question to ask is what are you trying to overlay? (Example: If you are trying to overlay an image, the Image option should be selected)

3. Drag-and-drop the updated overlay load file (item 4). If images are being overlaid, drag-and-drop the updated OPT file (item 5). An OPT may not be required if images are multipage and named as the cross-reference index in the load file (usually Beg Bates).

4. Select the “Overlay Cross-Reference Number” (item 6) (item 7) and then map only the field(s) that are being overlaid with new data (item 8). Any metadata that isn't being overlaid can be ignored (Do not import).

What is an Overlay Cross-reference number? It is a field that Logikcull uses as a reference to locate the document(s) for which the overlay needs to be applied.

⚠️ Beg Bates as used in Database Uploads or Logikcull ID are currently the only two fields accepted as overlay cross-reference number).

5. Once the fields have been mapped, you can name your overlay. Then, drag-and-drop the zip folder with any files associated with the overlay (Tip: Already have OCR text files? It is advisable to NOT select the OCR option)

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