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Splitting downloads and working with multi-part zip volumes
Splitting downloads and working with multi-part zip volumes

This article covers creating split downloads in Logikcull and extracting multi-part archives using 7-Zip

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Logikcull allows you to split large downloads into chunks for easier transfer of large productions. Multi-part (or split) zip volumes are easily identified by their ".zip.001" or ".z01" extensions.

πŸ’‘ Before starting, make sure you have access to a robust zipping tool (such as 7zip or Winzip for Windows, or Keka for Mac).

Splitting Logikcull Downloads into multi-part zips

When a Logikcull Download exceeds 4GB in size, you have the option to split it into a multi-part archive. This is done to make downloading from Logikcull to your computer more manageable. Each part of the archive can be split up into 4GB, 10GB, or 20GB chunks.

Step 1: Select a Partition Download Size

Step 2: Download all parts of your split zip archive

All files in the archive sequence (zip, z01, z02, etc.) must be downloaded and stored in the same folder to extract the contents of the Download.

Step 3: Deliver all parts of your split zip together

All parts of the split zip files must be stored in the same folder to be extracted successfully. If sending this Download to outside parties, ensure all parts of the archive are included in the transfer.

Extracting files from a split zip volume using 7-Zip


  1. An archiving tool* that supports multi-part zips, such as:

  2. All parts downloaded in their entirety and stored in the same folder.

  3. Sufficient disk space to extract the files.

* Windows and Mac OS's default compression tools do not support the multi-part archive format

Step 1: Ensure all parts of the zip are saved in the same folder

Some multi-part zips will only be comprised of archives ending in a .zip.### extension:

Others may include one whole zip archive and additional splits with a .z## extension:

Step 2: Select the first split zip in the list and "Extract to *\" using 7-Zip

With 7-Zip installed, right-click on the first file in the list and extract to a new folder:

⚠️ This process may vary slightly if not using 7-Zip.

Step 3: Compress the combined, extracted files into a single zip archive

Before uploading to Logikcull, the combined and extracted files must be re-zipped into a new archive.

Right-click on the newly created folder and click "Add to *.zip" from the 7-Zip menu:

πŸ’‘ Tips for downloading and extracting large split zip archives πŸ’‘

  • Depending on your network connection, we recommend downloading two parts at a time.

  • Verify that all parts are downloaded in their entirety and are stored in the same folder prior to extracting. Failure to do so may result in errors.

  • Avoid renaming folders, files, and changing extensions in multi-part archives.

  • Confirm that you have sufficient disk space on your local or external hard drive before extraction.

  • If the device the files are being extracted to is formatted FAT32, we recommend formatting as exFAT to avoid file system size limitations with FAT32.

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