When a Logikcull Download grows beyond 4GB in size, you have the option to split into a multi-part archive. This is done to make downloading from Logikcull to your computer more manageable. Each part of the archive can be split up into 4GB, 10GB, or 20GB per chunks or not split at all.

If a split option is selected, you will need to download all files in the archive sequence (ex. ZIP, Z01, Z02) to extract the contents of the Download.

In order to open a multi-part archive, you need to:

  1. Have all the parts downloaded to your computer, in the same folder.

  2. Select all the parts of your split zip and open/extract them utilizing any of the following archiving tools. These applications automatically look across the rest of the parts of the archive set:

⚠️ Windows/MacOS's default compression tool will not support the multi-part archive format.

Below are some tips when downloading and extracting large Download multi-part archives:

  • Depending on your Internet bandwidth, we recommend pulling down 2 parts at a time.

  • Verify that all parts are downloaded in their entirety before extraction.

  • Ensure all parts are saved in one folder

  • Avoid renaming the files and their extension as this will break the archive.

  • If you have WinZip you can right-click on the last part with the .zip extension to extract the files.

  • Check that you have sufficient space on your local or external hard drive before extraction.

  • If the device where extraction is being copied to is formatted FAT32, we recommend formatting as ExFat to avoid File System size limitations with FAT32.

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