Section 1: How do you split PDFs during an upload?
Section 2: How to split PDFs within Doc Viewer once they are already uploaded?
Section 3: Notes and questions  

PDF Splitter Why, Where, and How

Logikcull’s PDF Splitter allows you to break apart large PDFs into separate smaller PDFs for review. This is particularly useful if you receive large PDFs consisting of multiple documents and would like to perform such operations as:

  • Applying work product to a single section of a document.
  • Producing individual pages or specific sections of a document.
  • Navigating a large page-count PDF more easily by splitting into smaller segments.

There are two places within Logikcull that the PDF Splitter can be utilized. If you already know that a particular PDF will need to be split prior to upload, you are able to simply drag and drop the single PDF into Logikcull and split upon upload. Alternatively, if you come across a document during review that you need broken apart, you can similarly split PDFs within the Document Viewer.

Logikcull’s PDF Splitter (also referred to as PDF Unitization) enables you to break apart documents using four different methods:

  • By bookmarks. Many digitally combined PDFs (such as Adobe Acrobat) include file names in bookmarks. Logikcull is able to identify these bookmarks and add breaks where necessary. Please note that, typically, bookmarks are placed on the top level, but some programs allow you to nest them into different levels, e.g.:
  • By number of pages. Every 10, 20, or 100, for example.
  • By file size. Logikcull will split and keep all the sections under a MB limit (2 MB for example).
  • By specific pages.

Section 1: How do you split PDFs during an upload?

When uploading a single PDF file, you will have the option on the first step to split up the PDF by bookmarks, number of pages, file size, or specific pages.

Split during upload:

Resulting Split:

Section 2: How to split PDFs within Doc Viewer once they are already uploaded

In the Document Viewer, navigate to the ‘Toggle Split Mode' option (scissor icon):

Once split mode has been toggled on, you can choose to split after the predefined parameters (page, file size, bookmark, etc.) or you can manually split by scrolling down and selecting the scissors on the dotted line in between pages. We’ll explain the two methods below.

Split after predefined parameters:

After defining where to ‘split after’ using the predefined parameters, you can select the ‘Apply’ button. Next, you can select ‘Save Splits’ to save the parameters in the PDF Split Info panel in the right pane. This will allow you to navigate away from the document, while saving the splits you have created so far.

Once you are ready to apply the splits, select ‘Process Splits Now’ to process the splits chosen.

Manually split:

If manually applying splits using the scissors on the dotted line in between pages, you can choose the splits you need, then select the ‘Save Splits’ option to save the info in the right pane. Finally, select ‘Process Splits Now’ to process the splits chosen.


Reviewing the results of your splits:

Under the Uploads column in the filter carousel you will see a new upload called PDF Split:

In the Uploads tab:

Under the QC Tags column in the filter carousel (general view):

- "Has Splits" being the original document a PDF split was performed on

- "Split from PDF" being the processed splits

Section 3: Notes and Questions

  • Does splitting a PDF document increase my monthly storage size? Split documents will not contribute to storage size. However, if the original PDF is deleted, the split documents will count toward storage.
  • Who has permissions to create PDF splits? Users with admin-level and above permissions. More on permission levels here.
  • What happens to the original PDF that I split? The original document will stay intact and can be referenced. See next question for further info.
  • How do I locate the original PDF when viewing splits? You can find the original file id in the metadata of a split pdf, then search for original via file id (file_id:abc123).
  • Why can’t I delete the last split I’ve created in the PDF split info panel? Splitting a PDF always results in the same net page count, so the minimum number of splits you can generate is two. Think of this as similar to the “split” functionality in Adobe.
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