January 2022

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New Persistent Highlights Experience

Persistent highlights, as you may already know, are the Oz-worthy glow-up your drab, text-heavy documents deserve. But beyond that, they’re a huge fast-forward when you have some idea of what you’re looking for: PII, terms that signal privilege or confidentiality, issue-related content, etc. Persistent highlights, you guessed it, persistently highlight predesignated terms in your docs, so they’re already color-coded when you come across them. This is awesome, but nothing new.

What is new is this spiffed-up user experience that prioritizes bulk actions, so you can add, delete, or update terms or phrases to be persistently highlighted -- that’s right -- in bulk. Got a grouped list of “hot” words in a doc somewhere? Just copy/paste and select a shade. Here’s a peek…

To get started, navigate over to project settings > persistent highlights. You’ll have your review set looking like Munchkinland in no time. For more, check out our FAQ on persistent highlights.

Draft Saving for Legal Holds

You can now save the progress of legal hold notice drafts, allowing you or the party on behalf of whom you’re sending to review and verify custodians and content. Standard template not producing the acknowledgement numbers you’d expected? With saved drafts, you can really punch up the work of lesser wordsmiths, put your stamp on the hold, and grab some custodial eyeballs.

Additionally, draft status is now reflected in reporting, so you can account for drafted (but not yet sent) notices in audits. Check this out…

Speed Enhancements to the Project Page

If the new projects page loaded any faster, it'd flash you a peace sign at the goal line and get flagged for taunting. That's the power of caching: now, your list of projects displays instantly after the first load. And, bonus, we save your sorting preferences as well.

Upload Disabling for Password-Locked ZIPs

Friends don’t let friends upload password-protected ZIPs. Now, neither does Logikcull.

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