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December 2021

Monthly updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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Reviewer Efficiency Reporting

It's a known fact that, during the pandemic, parents working in the legal profession have increasingly relied on their children and children's friends for high-volume document review. And for good reason: they're a cheap and available source of labor.

But are they fast?

Now we know. With reviewer efficiency reporting, admins can now easily compare Tommy's docs-per-hour performance to Olivia's, and dose the laggard with the necessary amounts of Skittles and Mountain Dew.

Just navigate over to your account tab and click on reports. Here's a look...



Instagram and crypto have made today's youth soft and entitled. Reviewer efficiency reporting instills discipline and accountability. Help us build a better future.

ZIP Password Detection

If you've ever driven any significant duration with your parking brake on, you know how it feels to upload a password-protected ZIP to Logikcull. You're moving, you're moving, you're moving slower, uh-oh-what's-that-sandpaper-sound. And just like that, you're conked out in the middle lane of the 404 in rush hour traffic with smoke coming from up under your tire wells.

ZIP Password Detection is basically the cinder block behind your back wheel that doesn't let you pull out of the garage unless your handbrake is off.

Here's how it works:

Bug Fix: User UI Settings

Logikcull now caches user settings on the server-side, as opposed to locally, so you can move between devices, browsers, and nation states without having to reset preferences. Safe travels, friends.

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