How can I filter on labels associated with my emails?

Your emails must originate from a Google Vault export. For that, you first need to configure the Logikcull <> GVault integration, as explained in this article.

Next, you'll need to upload data from Google Vault through the integration. Once processed, you can have access to the Gmail Labels in the filter carousel.

What filters are available?

All the filters that a custodian has access to in her Gmail inbox will be accessible in Logikcull.

Can I review draft emails?

Draft emails can be particularly relevant to review. To filter on them, you first need to make sure they are imported in Logikcull by not excluding them when creating the export on Google Vault.

Once imported, you can filter on drafts by clicking on the Draft filter.

Keep in mind that draft emails are actually multiple versions of the same email: Gmail regularly saves a version of an email while the user is editing it.

Drafts are saved and accessible for review, whether the email is actually sent or not.

ℹ️ The Old version label is exclusively for old drafts. It denotes that there is either a newer draft or a sent version of the email

💡 Idea: you can use the SimDocs feature to easily navigate through multiple drafts of the same email and easily see what changed between multiple versions.

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