Users with Project Admin, Account Admin, or Account Owner permissions can view and manage existing ShareSafe invitations. In the "Downloads" tab click on the "Share" button in line with the Download you want to manage.

Here you can add new ShareSafe invitees and see information on existing invitees, including:

  • when the person was invited

  • when the share expires

  • if the invitee clicked to access the shared download

The following options are also available for active shares:

Revoke Access: This cancels a ShareSafe invitation. If the invitee had previously accepted it, revoking access will disable access to the download.

⚠️ This will only revoke access to the download stored in Logikcull. It does not remove access to documents that have been pulled down from the application for offline storage or copied into new projects.

Resend Email: This re-sends the invitation Email to a ShareSafe invitee. This can be useful if the invitee has not received the Email in a timely fashion or if the invitation expires before an invitee gets to it.

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