Cloud uploads work like file uploads and, in some cases, are even better!

To perform a cloud upload, simply:

  1. Head to your project's upload page

  2. Click the Create New Upload button

  3. Choose the cloud upload option

  4. Choose a cloud provider from the list

You'll be guided through the necessary steps to complete your integration and select the data you want to collect into Logikcull to begin uploading your data.

Cloud uploads don't rely on you to be at your computer and connected during the transfer phase, so once you've started a transfer, you can move on to other work right away while you await your upload notification.

Please note that Productions (Database Uploads) cannot be uploaded to Logikcull using the Cloud Upload option. You will need to download the production to your local computer and then use the Production Upload option.

Bonus Tip:

Use Box and Logikcull together as an FTP-alternative. For example, if you have someone that you need to get data from, but would rather not invite them into your Logikcull project, then have them upload the data to a Box account. Once uploaded to Box, you, as the administrator, can easily upload the data into Logikcull using the Cloud upload option. This is incredibly helpful when dealing with multi-country data collections or whenever your own FTP system can’t handle the data size.

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