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How to change the account owner for your organization
How to change the account owner for your organization
Current Account Owners can easily switch roles as needed.
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Account Owner Privileges

Account owners have exclusive rights to access and control:

  • The Account Usage Tab

  • The Account Billing Tab

  • Ability to enforce 2-Factor Authentication across the account.

If the current account owner is still with your organization

Current Account Owners can navigate to Account Settings > General tab, you can use the dropdown to select a new Account Owner. Only Account Admins will be available in the dropdown. If you wish to make a non-account admin the account owner, you will first need to add as a user and/or adjust access level to Account Admin.

If the Account Owner is no longer with the organization

Contact your organization’s IT administrator and owner of the domain. They should also be able to control the Account Owner’s email.

The IT admin can access the Account Owner’s email, reset the password for the user that left, and make a different user the Account Owner. (The new Account Owner would need to be made an Account Admin first, potentially by the current Account Owner account.)

Have a Backup Plan!

💡 Logikcull recommends assigning at least one backup Account Administrator that can be promoted to Account Owner as needed in case of emergency, time off, etc.

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