Searching on Saved Searches allows you to perform powerful operations for quality control, search roll-up, and case convenience.

To combine saved searches in an advanced search, pop open Advanced Search and select "Saved Search" from the drop down menu on the left, then the name of the saved search from the drop down menu on the right. Add saved searches using the "+ Add another condition" button and choose a Boolean operator AND, OR, or AND NOT.

In addition to building queries with the Advanced Search Builder, you can use the Search bar with the syntax "saved_search_name:". This syntax can also be used with the boolean operators: AND, OR, & AND NOT.

You can run QC for a document review, pull together several Saved Searches into one, or add criteria to a search without the need to delete and recreate the search.

⚠️ Combining locked and unlocked saved searches may cause unintended complications.

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