Click the Uploads tab on your project and you'll see the upload launcher:

Click "+ Create a new..." to see your options in the drop-down.

There are three ways to upload data.

File Upload

Drag and drop a file or browse for the file on your computer.

Cloud Upload

Upload Slack data or pull in files directly from your or Google Vault account.

Database Upload

Upload productions or databases from other systems into Logikcull using a load file.

Full step by step instructions for database upload can be found here.

If uploading via file upload, continue with the steps below, just drag and drop onto the upload page, then in the popup window:

  1. Name your upload if you want. Leaving it blank will default to the file name.Drag and Drop or browse to locate the ZIP or PST you are uploading.

  2. Assign a custodian by choosing an existing custodian or adding a new one.

  3. Under "More options," you can add a note about the upload.

Select "Start Upload." If you dragged/dropped the wrong file, just click "x" next to the file and choose a different file to upload.

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