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Proximity Search
Proximity Search

Use proximity search to find two words within a specific distance of each other in a document

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In Logikcull, you can run a proximity search to find two or more words within a specific distance of each other. This type of advanced search puts you in control of the discovery process by cutting down on review time and increasing the accuracy of your search.

In the example below, instead of searching for ALL documents that contain the words “shoes” and “socks,” we used proximity search to identify only those documents in which these words occur close enough to have a relationship that would make this document a positive search result.

Notes on proximity search:

Proximity searching is order specific.

For example when you search (front back)~1 and the text is “back close front” Logikcull will count the number of moves needed in order for the search terms to be next to each other in the given order.

In this case, since "front" needs to move left 2 places, and back needs to move right 1 place, Logikcull will count this search as 3 word moves.

We recommend combining searches in reverse order as a best practice.

In this case (front back)~2 OR (back front)~2 would be the required syntax to return "back close front" per the example above.

Use double quotes or parentheses to surround the terms being searched.

We recommend using parentheses to enclose terms and quotation marks to denote multi-word terms, such as "bank account" in ("bank account" money)~10

Proximity search requires a numerical value after the ~ symbol to define the proximity value within the words.

The proximity value takes into account the order or placement of the words (from left to right) therefore the search (front back)~2 may not necessarily return exact same records as (back front)~2 due to the shift of adjacent words required for the match.

Other examples of proximity search:

  • Proximity involving 3 or more words - (front back center)~3

    ℹ️ We recommend using fewer than 10 words in a proximity search.

  • Proximity with wildcard - (discover* contract*)~8

  • Proximity with a phrase and a wildcard - ("potent* priv*" product*)~5 ("trophy winner*" "baseball team*")~5

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