To edit a Legal Hold, click on the Legal Hold name from your list of holds in My Legal Holds. The "Edit Hold" option is on the top right of the resulting page listing details for that specific Legal Hold.

The first screen allows you to add custodians to the Legal Hold. If custodians do not need to be added, click "Next".

The next screen displays the existing Legal Hold text and settings. You can edit:

  • the subject line and CC info

  • the text of the Legal Hold

  • the confirmation button

  • reminder options
    ℹ️ check the box next to reminder options and choose your desired reminder frequency.

  • the default release text.
    ℹ️ check the box next to the default release text and include your desired release text.

⚠️ Changes only apply to communications going forward.

For example, if changes to the Legal Hold text are made, only custodians added after the initial Legal Hold was sent will see the new text.

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