Create a new Legal Hold

  • Click on the "Create new" button (located at the top left of the page)

  • Select "Create a new Legal Hold."

Step 1: Name your hold

  • By default, Logikcull will create a Project to store a Legal Hold. The Project will take on the name of your hold but the project name can be edited after it's created. Projects are required for legal holds because legal holds are fully integrated with our Discovery product.

  • If you have an existing project that you'd like to add you hold to, you can select it from the "Select a project" drop-down.

  • If you're creating a legal hold from a Project page, you will not see an option to select a project.

Step 2: Create Message

Message Details

  • "Start from a template" allows you to select an existing template.

  • Sender's Name: you can update the name that displays as the email sender. The default is the name of the user creating the hold. Note that only the display name will update, emails are sent from “"

  • Email From (Premium Legal Hold subscribers only): select a verified email as a sender. More info on setting up Custom Sender Email addresses here.

  • Reply to Email: allows you to designate the recipient of a reply if a custodian replies to the legal hold email. The default is the email address of the user creating the hold.

  • CC Recipients: CC recipients will receive a copy of the hold message but will not be added as custodians.

Hold Message

  • This is the initial email sent to custodians and any recipients included as CC Recipients.

  • Adding attachments to a Hold Message:

    • To add an attachment to the Hold Message, click the paperclip icon on the far right side of the toolbar.

    • Select a file from your local computer to attach to your Hold Message.

    • The attachment will appear on the bottom of the Hold Message with a "Pending" icon. The hold will remain in a pending state while our system runs a virus scan on the document.

    • You can proceed to next steps while attachments are being scanned, but will be unable to send the notice until this step is complete.

    • You can add up to 5 separate attachments to a legal hold, totaling up to 7 MB.

    • Accepted file extensions are csv, doc, docx, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx.

    • Attachments cannot be downloaded from the Hold Message form, but you can send yourself a notice preview to see the attachments as they'll appear to your recipients.

Reminder message

This is an optional text that will precede the legal hold email if you've select to "Resend" the legal hold in Step 4.

Release message

This is the email that custodians will receive when you release your legal hold.

Step 3: Add Custodians

Select Custodians

  • Add custodians: you can copy and paste a list of email addressed by clicking on "Add custodians from..."

  • Available custodians: Logikcull stores the email addresses of custodians to whom you've previously sent legal holds. You can search select these under "Available custodians."

  • Selected custodians: custodians that will be added to the legal hold.

  • Silent custodians: the toggle next to each selected custodian allows you to set the custodian as "Silent." These custodians will be tracked as part of your legal hold but will not receive any emails.

Preserve Data (Premium Legal Hold subscribers only)

  • Preserve data from Google services: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Voice.

  • Select an existing Google Vault matter or create a new one.

  • Set Preservation start and end dates (optional)

  • Select services to preserve

Step 4: Review & Send

  • Delivery: the default is to deliver immediately, but you have the option to choose a date and time for delivery.

  • Reminders

    • Non-acceptance: sent to custodians that have not acknowledged their legal hold email (they haven't clicked on the button at the bottom of the email).

    • Resend email: the legal hold email is resent to all custodians at the specified frequency (the "Reminder message" is what precedes these emails).

  • Test Message: You can send a test message to yourself to check the content of your hold notice.

    Review the summary to confirm your selections, then click "Create Legal Hold" to send your Legal Hold.


❓ Who has access to legal holds?

➡ī¸ Only Account Owners and Account Admins can access, view, and edit Legal Holds.

ℹī¸ The Holds section of the app is not visible to non-account admins.

❓ Where can I create a legal hold?

  • ➡ī¸ My Legal Holds page (Premium Legal Hold subscribers only)

  • ➡ī¸ Project page under the Holds tab

❓ If all my custodians are "silent" custodians, will any carbon-copied recipients receive a copy of the hold?

➡ī¸ No. If all custodians are "silent" or hard-bounce, the hold will not be sent.

❓ Will my custodians see all hold recipients?

➡ī¸ No. Each custodian will only see that the hold notification was sent to them individually.

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