Yes, the Culler Certification from Logikcull is powerful validation to clients and employers of your commitment to speed, efficiency, and security. Instead of measuring your conceptual understanding, Culler Certification evidences your ability to conduct discovery quickly and safely in the real world.

Three levels of certification

Culler Level 1 - Free

Cullers have mastered the basics of Logikcull search and review. These legal professionals can take on document review assignments, run basic or advanced searches, and apply work product. While it’s available to anyone with a Logikcull account, we typically see qualified candidates who have been a user for 90 days or more and have completed 10 or more unique user sessions. The exam for beginner level certification is available at this link. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to ace it!

  • Product exam - 50 questions
  • 50 minutes to complete
  • Culler Certificate upon completion and the option to add your new credential to your Linkedin profile.

Advanced Levels

The Pro and Master Culler Certifications are still in development and will be released in the near future. Passing all three exam levels is a great way to show your command of the platform and the discovery process. Since these exams are meant to test your practical experience, to take the Pro Culler certification exam, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

Pro Culler Level 2 - $195


  • Has been a Logikcull user for 120 days or more
  • Has completed 20 unique users sessions or more
  • Has been active within the product within the last 240 days
  • Has created a project, uploaded data, and completed a production in their use of the product.
  • Passed the basic Culler Certification exam.

Pro Cullers can maximize Logikcull's full project capability from project set up to project archive. Familiar with all upload methods, File, Cloud, and Database uploads. Know how to set up and manage customized reviews: filter documents through complex searches; and create/share productions with load files.

Master Culler Level 3 - $295


  • Has been a Logikcull user for 365 days or more
  • Has completed 30 unique user sessions or more
  • Has been active in the product within the last 240 days
  • Has created 20 projects, 10 uploads, and 10 productions in their use of the product
  • Passed the Pro Culler Certification exam.

As the name implies, Master Cullers have mastered the discovery process. They not only meet Pro Culler competencies but can implement quality controls, draft highly complex search strings, improve discovery processes though account/project level templates, ability to identify/resolve issues throughout a project's lifecycle, generate customized download specifications and conduct training sessions.


Because the certifications are a demonstration of continued skill and mastery, they need to be renewed annually. Renewal is at the same rate and requires evidence of continued engagement with the product, through demonstrated hours in-app and engagement with at least 2 training sessions or webinars a year. In lieu of product engagement and training, users can also opt to retake the exam within the same year, to show that they're up-to-date with any new developments.

Learning about Logikcull

To help you prepare for the exam, get acquainted with the basics of Logikcull, and master the skills you need to be successful with Logikcull Learning’s online courses, videos, and webinars.

For more information about our certification program and how you can get started, send us an email:

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